Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lake Projects

Ok, right off the bat I should answer a question from the comments....  How do I connect to the internet when I am travelling with the motor cycle...?

Last fall on Black Friday, I purchased an Asus tablet computer from Best Buy down in Arizona...  Its a Tf 300t but only has 16mb of ssd ram...  I think it was $279 on that Friday...  It didn't take me long to realize that I needed the keyboard docking station as it made typing on it much easier, and it had a much better battery in it too...

So with that addition and a 32 gb micro SD card for more storage, I have this little 10 inch fold up tablet...  It runs on android, which is another flavor of Linux..   I also have a MIfi from Verizon that I use in Arizona and in the Motorhome..  They fit nicely into my overnight bag under my shirts and such...  So I'm not packing around a big W8 laptop on these junkets..

Yesterday and today I have been working on changing the oil in our pontoon boat..  It wouldn't be that big of a task except we have this big hill we live on here at the lake, so a lot of my time was spent climbing the 90 steps up and down from the garage..  Sometimes when the kids are here I can get younger legs to go after that different wrench...

So just because things are sad around here, the fall weather means the chores must get completed...   Believe me, I have wondered why I will need all of this stuff with Loyce gone, but they tell you not to make any decisions for at least a year, or you will wish you hadn't..

The grandkids really like our lake place, and so do our their parents, when they are not camping....

Retired Rod


  1. 90 steps - definitely getting your exercise. And you really don't want to make any decisions right now. All those chores have to be done so you're making a good start on them.

  2. A lot of things will look different a year from now. You are wise to wait on making decisions.

  3. Those 90 steps are called "For Get Me Not" because you don't want to forget anything on the way down..

  4. 90 steps? Whoa. I think I'd need a list if I were going back for something I forgot, which would be often. That'll help keep you in shape!

  5. 90 steps! that would takr Sam and me all day to go up...coming down is easy
    just slide down the bannister :-)

  6. The way I am with forgetting tools I'd never get anything done if I had to scramble up and down 90 steps.

    Waiting a year prior to making any big decisions sounds like good advice to me.

  7. Howdy Rod,
    I hope those 90 steps are just across the yard and not UP & DOWN 90 STEPS; that'd be hard on the knees !!! A tool belt WITH THE RIGHT SIZE wrenches in it would save a lot of steps... I'd forgotten the 'pontoooon' boat ... I know it's on a lift, but do you have a 'walk-board' across the stern to access the motor??? If you'd done it while the water was down, you could've stood on dry ground.. Do the 'kids' have any Ski-Doos?? Let them 'winterize'em...
    Did you get any long pants??

    Ride around and enjoy the changing colors a little each day, so, you can have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

    luv ya, friend,

    Joyce & butterbean.


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