Monday, October 1, 2012

The Lake Again

Tonight we are down at the cabin on Lake Ozark.  In keeping with beginning our preparations to leave this cold part of the country, we need to winterize some of thde lake toys.
After we went to town and our favorite barbecue then, Wal Mart provided two additional battery tenders to keep things charged while we will be gone.
Tomorrow my sights are on the pontoon boat, which has been used very little this year.   First I need to get it started and warmed up to see what needs to be completed to put it back to sleep.
I haven't even got out the laptop computer tonight, so this short blog is coming from the tiny keyboard on my cell phone.  Using my thumbs to type seems to not be my strong point, so I'll quit before I make any more non correctable thumb gaffs!
Retired Rod


  1. October 1 and it's 102 still. They keep promising a cool down but it doesn't happen. However, I will still take the heat over the cold. You are definitely getting things wrapped up for the winter. Hopefully by the time you get here the weather will be perfect.

  2. Nice job with your thumbs - I never would have guessed until you mentioned it.


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