Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I keep the DMV in business once again.. Tomorrows ride...

I was back over to the DMV again today as I had another car tag that needed processed...  And I am happy to announce to the world at large that things were a OK straightened away today.....!!

I checked on the internet, and they said the wait was under two minutes...  That meant that getting a ticket number wouldn't work because it was going to take me 20 minutes to get over there...

I walked in and got a ticket....  I looked over the screen on the monitor as my number appeared in the list....  I think there were about five other numbers  on the screen...  And as I was walking over to take a seat in the waiting area, they called all five of the numbers..

They had more people at the windows than they had customers to assist...  About ten minutes later I had my renewal in hand and I was leaving the office...  Now that's how it should work...

The lady helping me said they had made a lot of improvements to the screens on the computer system, making it match the way we do things in Kansas, which has really helped in the processing time.  And even on heavy business days, like the last day of the month, they aren't nearly so backlogged.

People wait until the last possible moment in the month to get their tags renewed...  Either from shortage of funds or time or both....  They put it off and then everyone needs help all at once...

Tomorrow is the Romeo ride, and the weather is slated to be in the upper 70s, but with strong winds... Wonder if that will effect the long ride they have planned..?  It is about 80 miles to the little town in Southern Missouri..

Son, Ben is coming in the morning, and we are leaving fairly early if all works as planned..  The restaurant doesn't do breakfasts, so that will give us some extra time.  It will be a mix of back roads, and some fast four lane highway..   I really enjoy the slower roads without the hurry better....

As usual, I am stoked for another ride!

Retired Rod


  1. Let's hope you don't have any of those 65 mph gusts.

  2. Ah yes, I (not so fondly) recall having to get stickers for the "fleet". At least it seemed like we had a fleet at the time. There was the motorhome, my truck, my wife's car, her second car that one daughter was driving....(she's now since put it in her name) Oy!
    Completely different deal here in Vienna. Thankfully.
    Plates come with the car off the lot, and there's no such thing as a yearly sticker to go on it. There are only two other things that need to be sorted out. One is the yearly Vignette, which seems to me is about €90 (but gets put on our leaseplan card, so we don't pay) and that allows you to drive on the highways, so not completely necessary, but pretty hard to avoid, and then I noticed that at the end of this year, the car will have to go for it's TUV inspection. It's a 2010 that we ordered in 09, so I guess they're good for two years.
    Again, not our deal. We don't even OWN the car, we just drive it. I like that arrangement. We'll certainly miss it if/when go back home. The jury is still out on that whole future endeavour.

  3. Yep, I much prefer those slower biking roads as well.....

  4. I was kind of sorry to read your DMV story as I was looking for another entertaining DMV rant.

    Have fun on your Romeo ride and watch out for those high winds. Maybe you better eat lots to help keep you anchored to your bike.

  5. Must have been DMV or Registries day all over. They are privatized here in Alberta so there usually isn't to big a line up and yesterday when I walked in I was the only person in the building who wasn't getting paid. We sold our little Chev truck and I needed to change the plates on one of the farm trucks so it was nice not to have a long line-up behind me while we got that done. Now everything is good to go until the end of March 2014.


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