Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finished at the lake, and Apple Ipad update...

Ah yes the pontoon boat, was covered in spider poop and web upon web from the countless spiders that have lived in it over the second half of the summer.... nasty!

We never did get to use the boat over Labor Day, as it rained and rained all that weekend...  And it was quite cold...  The grandkids were turning blue just trying to swim from the dock.

So the power washer had to come out and I spent about three hours with it and a scrub brush on a pole...  It  was sort of cleaner, but as I took off the cover anyway...   it became  power wash the parts under the cover, but eventually I gave up and  had to do the fuel pickle and get the engine started even though it remains  so dirty.

I made up a mixture of stabil and sea foam using 50/50 8 ounces of each in a gallon of gas..  I added this mixture to the gas in the tank, about 12 gallons....  I am sure that the gas wasn't overly fresh either.

I cranked for quite a while, but it finally caught and coughed into running...  I let it run on a fast idle for quite a while, and then took off around the side of the lake....  After about 4 miles, I declared that the treated gas was now up into the injection system...  It was running as smooth as I have ever heard it, so that means the Sea Foam was doing its thing.

Back at the dock, I tied up and put the cover back on once I had the battery tender installed and plugged in...  The battery was dated 04 of 09, so its about on its last legs, perhaps the tender has its work cut out for it.

We had all the normal cleaning tasks  as well once the dock was secured..  Oh, I had to drain the water line that goes from the house out onto the dock...  Its plastic pipe out to the sea wall , and from there it is ordinary hose...  I didn't get it drained right one year and the plastic pipe shatters when frozen water is inside!!

Tonight we are back here in KC and I have been going round and round with Verizon and Loyce's Apple Ipad.  Seems that they cut us off since our card account had a new expiration date...   But they couldn't renew the card because our software wasn't the newest version.... on the ipad...  What?

But we didn't have a connection to get the newest version because the bill wasn't paid.....  I spent a couple of hours with the tablet hooked up to our cable internet wifi updating the operating system, which then locked up because it couldn't find the verizon connection......  See the circle of no return here?

So I don't have that cult like feeling about Apple.....  It isn't just better....  The verizon tech told me that he couldn't fix it...  Call Apple, who is closed by now and will have to be called in the morning..........

Once off the phone with verizon, I kept repeatedly clicking on this continue button and it kept freezing, until I tapped it about ten times in a row out of frustration...  And boom!  it went to the next page wanting me to agree to the conditions and agreements....  I answered a few other quick questions and bang I was updated and on the new system with our verizon connection restored ........  Yes you too can purchase an Apple tablet..  But be sure to keep your credit card info up to date.............!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Obviously, it was the way you were hitting the screen on the iPad that made it so difficult - it couldn't have been an Apple issue because it's all so simple to use. I'll have to remember that simple solution - 10 consecutive taps!!

    I remember you talking about Sea Foam way back and my wondering what it was. Now I know!

  2. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, and try again out of frustration. Then MAYBE the danged thing will work. Too funny.

  3. I can't believe you are already closing up at the lake. Seems like it couldn't have been a whole year since you wrote about it the last time.


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