Thursday, October 25, 2012


First off as you read this, its Loyce's Birthday and she is 39 again!!!  So Happy Birthday to my Dearest Wife!!!

It was 82 degrees on the dash of the pickup as I got out to shut the big double fence gate on the storage lot....  It has a chain and a big combination padlock... But I think the entire world knows the numbers.....  They haven't changed for years........

My hands and arms felt sticky when I got back into the truck but not from the heat, rather the pink RV antifreeze that I was just working with....  The empty bottles were beside me in the passenger floor board...

While the air conditioner was droning away at the house today, a check of the weather forecast told me that we are to be below freezing tomorrow night and for each night until Monday....  Usually they over forecast and it won't get that cold, but can you take that chance..... for $8 worth of the pink stuff?

It usually only takes 2 gallons but we have this whole house  RV filter that probably takes about 2 quarts to fill...  I removed the filter cartridge and dumped the water first...  Then I removed the fresh water tank hose from the pump, replacing it with the little short hose that goes into the gallon jugs....

Tiffin made this setup when they did the plumbing, and I've used it ritually every year since...  Simple and it works..

It always amazes me that I get about a gallon of clear water from the faucets at the sink before the antifreeze runs pink....  And probably another half gallon from the bath sink and more from the shower...  I tossed it out in the weeds.

Step on the pedal for the commode until it runs pink...  And I had already removed and drained the ice maker lines and valve..  Oh, and don't forget the outside shower faucet......  My two gallons were gone from the bottles by now....

I have some older green RV antifreeze that might have been pink at one time, but I don't usually put it in the water lines....  But I dumped the stuff down the drains filling the traps and I'm certain some of it is in the gray tank too...  And then some down the black tank.....  Ok, go ahead and make my day.... freeze if you want to!

And tonight I have been working on a video editor program for Mint Linux...  I took a couple of short videos of the kids playing back yard football when we were out camping.  And needed to edit them together...  So I downloaded Openshot...

Many programs for linux are called Open xxxxx as the programs are open architecture and free...  I finally, sort of learned some of the basics which gave me this video...

I didn't use the highest resolution so it could be better, but then I'm still learning about the program..

Retired Rod


  1. Well, Happy Birthday to Loyce.
    I got onto blowing out the lines in the motorhome (that we had once upon a time) and found it worked like a charm. The lines are rated to 100 psi, so by setting the gauge on the compressor at about 30-40 pounds, that was enough to get all the water out. I rigged up a short length of hose with one end having a quick air disconnect, and the other having a gardena type water disconnect. Then it was just a matter of opening one valve at a time until air came out, and then pouring antifreeze in the traps, making sure to cover the valve in the WC. I'd then only use about a half gallon. I'm kinda cheap that way.

  2. Happy Birthday, Loyce - have a great day.

    Rod, great job on movie-editing.... maybe you should get an Oscar nomination!

  3. Fun watching the video and seeing the family! Kids are so cute!


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