Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thinking of Arizona...

Sandie wanted to know if we plan to take the Motorhome back to Arizona, and I think the answer to that is Yes...  We neither one like to stay in Motels and Biscuit is so antsy at night listening to the other patrons, that we never get any sleep...

It will cost a bunch more, but RVing is a lifestyle choice..... And its never cheaper!   Perhaps we can use the RV to go on some winter trips around the area.....

And then Sandie brought up Quartzsite......  And yes, but with a quotation of perhaps.....  We don't do very well without water....  With my handicap from last years surgery....  But I'm not going into that here on the blog... TMI.

I can't help but wonder what the weather will be like by the time November rolls around....   It can be fickle and threaten to snow, or be nice and indian summer like...

I was thinking about that as I was draining the water out of the motorhome...  Especially when I was draining the ice maker lines in the fridge....  Will it actually get all frozen and cold by the time we leave....?  Should I put in the pink stuff...?  But if I don't it I will be asking for nasty weather......!

Not much going on here, but I was thinking all day about all of those really thankful Canadians, who were slaving away making Turkey!!  And Mashed Potatoes!!  I was lucky if I had turkey sandwich.... and then it was that thin sliced deli kind of turkey!  Too bad its so far up there......

Tomorrow is another Romeo Ride, but I will have to look where they are going...  With rides this far into the fall, it is all about how the morning looks, or more importantly how cold it feels.....  I think they are going about 50 miles each way, and its mostly interstate...  That's kind of boring...!

Speaking of boring, that's a lot like this blog so I will stop right here.......

Retired Rod


  1. My Mom ended up with a colostomy back in '66 I guess it would have been, so I think I have an idea about what you might be referring to when it comes to needing to be around a good wash room set-up with ample running water.

    I'm only guessing here, as I don't think you've ever mentioned just what the 'issues' are that you are dealing with.

    The only travelling she and my Dad ever did was to go back to the East Coast from Ontario once a year (rolling my eyes here) and that usually meant a hotel/motel room or two on the way down. I think that was the extent of her willingness to get adventuresome or do much in the way of travelling.

    It wasn't even something I really thought about at the time, (her medical issues) as I was in my teens, but that was a long time ago. We were all just happy she had survived the operation. It was 1966 after all.

    I remember my Dad looking at a houseboat once, but that was as close as they ever came to having any sort of an "RV". Maybe they passed on it since it wouldn't have worked for her?
    I'll never know.

  2. You answered my question too. Plus having the bathroom with you us always a plus, even when you have a fifth wheel you can stop to use it.Hope you don't get to much of a freeze before you leave. night before last we had our for frost here in Dardenne Prairie. I have been hoping for a mild winter like last year. but I have a feeling John is going to get a workout this year. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. For all the time it takes, and the small cost, putting in the pink stuff is simply peace of mind for me even though I've yet to see it get anywhere near freezing when I use it here. But, Mr. Murphy, is just lurking around waiting for an opportunity.

    Heck, with all the Romeo Ride breakfasts and lunches you have you still begrudge us poor Canucks a little Turkey and Mashed Potatoes?

  4. We usually park at La Posa south near the water. So even if you had to pull over there every couple of days it wouldn't be too bad. We don't put out a bunch of stuff when we're at Q so when we need to go dump or get water it only takes a couple of minutes to get it all put away, slides in and go. No hook ups to worry about. You can leave all your stuff outside there cause you're only going to be away a little while unless you end up in the "line" to dump. We like to park close enough so we can see what the line looks like and then hit it when it's not so bad.


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