Monday, October 15, 2012

A ride in the car and Red Robin Burgers

Well so much for my worry about folks taking exception with my taxes information on Obama Care...  Only 4 folks were stirred enough to make comments...  I guess everyone understands the ramifications....

But we did have about twice as many folks look at the blog than we normally do, so the title is somewhat of a hot button...

It was a beautiful day here as the sun was out almost from the start of the day and temps rose to about 70 degrees in the late afternoon...  Biscuit and I were out in the sunshine cleaning on one of the cars..  Many of our neighbors were out in front of their houses as well...  Just enjoying the warmer day..

Loyce went to a movie with the grandkids and their mom...  I'm not much of a movie goer, and definitely not a kids Halloween movie, so I stayed back at the house...  But late in the afternoon, a couple of the kids and Loyce and I went on a ride out thru the countryside in Missouri...  We enjoyed the afternoon sun and the fall colors..  Our leaves have been somewhat confused this year as some trees have outright lost their leaves due to the drought, and others are still just as green as summer.....  We haven't had a hard freeze yet....

Tonight we went over to Red Robin for a burger with the entire family of my second son...  It was kind of an impromptu thing as we were together and hungry at the same time..   

And then later tonight it was wrist watch shows on the shopping network..  I know, that is a total waste of time, but they were in the Bahamas which is cool...  And I didn't buy anything which is also cool....

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds to me like you had a great family day.Take advantage of them while your still in KC. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Love Red Robin burgers. You watch shows on the shopping network? I would think that could really be dangerous for your wallet. But you should great restraint.

  3. We have a Red Robin restaurant in town here and as it so happens our retired guys lunch is taking place there this month. I've always liked their burgers.

    Pretty nice to be able to sit outside this late in the year, I'll bet.

    Probably the reason you didn't get too many comments yesterday on Obamacare is because most of the folks were too busy pounding on me over on Janna's blog!!

  4. Like many folks I have very definite political views. I really try to stay away from them because I don't like conflict, and there is enough of that to begin with. All I can say is that Medicare has been the best thing that ever happened insofar as my health services go, and if they take it away I won't be able to afford health care co-payments.

    1. Gypsy, I haven't heard anyone suggest that Medicare will be taken away! Some of its funding has been re purposed to pay for other forms of Obama care, which might make it have to be restructured somewhat earlier than originally planned. It would be political death for a politician to suggest that Medicare be killed..

  5. Hi Rod, did you know the original Red Robin was in Seattle? It was just South of the U of W bridge and the U of Wa..It was one of the 1st Taverns me and my pals visited in our neighborhood. The later owner sold it to some big Corp. They were friends of mine as I was in the same industry while at the UW...Small little neighborhood tavern makes it big-time!! The burgers were great back then too...soooo many years ago..
    Joyce and I have both have had medicare for the past years and would have gone broke without it....Just saying...


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