Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Appleton City Missouri for Romeo Lunch

Where in the world is Appleton City, Missouri....?  That was my question when this lunch ride was posted....  Never heard of it...  So I asked google and this is the map that it returned...   Well OK then...

It turned out to be 80 miles down there, and my son Ben was interested in going, so plans were made for 8:30 this morning...

It wasn't cold, but rather just cool at 61 degrees as we left...  Still at highway speeds we bundled up in our riding gear and gloves...  Since we are becoming seasoned at these rides, we just headed that way out thru the country South of town...  First one of us lead, and then the other...

We stopped and rested in the new police department building parking lot at Harrisonville, Mo.  Its amazing that a simple 10 minute rest can rejuvenate you to make the rest of the ride.

This is the front door of the restaurant, and we were told that the door would be locked if we arrived before 11 AM... Most all of us did!  But that's the funny part, since we were billed as a motorcycle club, they told us we could park around to the South side of the building and come in the back door...........   ??  Like maybe they were expecting the hells angels??

There it is the very back door by the dumpsters....  Don't want those dirty bikers chasing away our regular customers......!

Well I think there were over 80 of us and we filled the entire room.  Stressed the staff on hand to serve us all and more than likely added about $500 to their lunch day.  And there were bikes parked all over the place, on three sides of the building.  So much for hiding us....  LOL

My son Ben is in the yellow shirt farthest away from the camera toward the back, and I was behind him...  Oh, and that last table against the wall was filled up completely after this picture was taken as well...  We filled the entire room...

The folks hung around outside for another half an hour or more, so if they were embarrassed, I guess so be it...

The door we had to come in was back behind where that blue semi grain truck is parked...  Too much!  Again these photos and many more are posted on the Romeo Web Site for today..

The wind had really picked up as we rode back to Kansas City, which made the ride a bit of a challenge..  We crossed back over into Kansas and returned on US 69, which didn't have as much traffic on it and is better or newer road...

Once we were headed back to the North, the wind was behind us, so keeping the 75 mph speed limit wasn't much of a problem...  We were home by about 2:30..

Retired Rod


  1. Rod and his pals are Hells Angels?? Yup...Guess they don't read your blog..Or the Romeos??..They will know who you are next time, if the food was good, and the service.

  2. oh how nice that your Son is joining you. I think restaurant should be embarrassed- not much for decor. I think you all added to the place very much.

    Take Care

    1. Yes Brenda we all commented that there wasn't a picture on the wall or so much as an ornament anywhere....


  3. Hysterical. Waiting for the DMV report. Carol


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