Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lucky !

Yesterday I dropped the back ramp door on the utility trailer and unloaded the motorcycle..  I was concerned about the storage lot and whether I remembered the code to get into the lot....

I rode directly there and recorded the phone number from the sign on the gate ino my cell phone...  I couldn't find the number on the internet..  Absolutely no recognition of the business anywhere.. They have only been in business for a little over a year but still no listing..

And I did check out what I thought the code was on the combo lock..  Nope!!  So I gave up and rode back to Wal Mart for some swiffer pads and some new shorts....

I never did get back to the storage lot like I had planned, as the interior house work trumped the outside things....   Dirt from the summer dust storms cannot be kept out no matter how tight things are closed up..

This morning though I was determined to go put that trailer away...  So I unhitched it from the motorhome thinking I would use the car to move it...    That was when I walked around to the driver's side of the trailer.... and looked in disbelief..  The bearings from that wheel are completely gone and the hub is riding directly on the axle spindle....

It wasn't that way when I was at McDonalds in Holbrook... So somewhere as I was driving up over the mountain on Friday, the wheel got hot and the bearings self destroyed... It remains to be seen if the axle spindle isn't also wrecked...   And perhaps the entire axle in the process...

The cost of this repair will exceed the price of the trailer....  Decisions....

So the motorhome is still in front of the house as the trailer place is closed on Sunday..  And I was lucky that the wheel didn't come completely off of the trailer as I was coming down the mountain on 6 % grades...  Always seems like something gives out on these long mileage trips...

Retired Rod


  1. I think Loyce was surely riding along with you! How fortunate you were that you didn't have trouble coming down those grades.

  2. Ditto what gypsy said. Personally hate driving in moutains.

  3. So glad nothing happened coming down the mountain. If it isn't one thing it's always at least three others. Good luck with the trailer.

  4. Oh man. Trailers can be such buggers. Good thing you spotted that, although seeing it much earlier would have been ideal. Good luck.

  5. Wow! I guess it's fortunate that the entire wheel didn't come as who knows what might have happened. Still, it's just more bad luck and now a mess you have to deal with. Hope you get that code worked out.

  6. The races may still be intact and saved the spindle. Loosen lug bolts and jack up axle. Remove the lug bolts and wheel. I take it the dirt cap is already off. Remove the cotter key and nut and if possible remove the hub. Usually the outer bearing inner race gets welded or stuck very well to the spindle and the inner bearing race will not pass over it. If this has happened, your spindle and axle are OK. It will take a air powered chicle to break that inner race or a lot of determination.

    I hope this is what you find. Replacing an axle is expensive.

  7. Yep, I would call that a mighty good piece of luck alright.

  8. Well that is not good at all. We are going to have to have you for dinner real soon Rod. Welcome back. Biscuit will have two new play mates when you come and of course our place is totally fenced as you know.


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