Friday, October 11, 2013

My job.....

Living day by day....  My friend Al got his headlights fixed at the dealership, but just barely...   They couldn't get them to go out, like we did....   You know how a child won't act up when its at the repair shop...

They had other work so they concentrated on a new tire and an oil change for his bike hoping that the headlights would fail...  And as they were ready to give up, out they went....  All of the dash had to come apart and a wiring connection behind the electric switch was to blame....

I took the motorhome over to the Freightliner shop here in Olathe, to get its yearly service completed...  They change the oil and all the expensive filters..
17 quarts of oil is more than I can handle when it comes all at once when the plug is removed..... $300..

Without Loyce, I have to rely on my sons to follow me in the car when delivering the coach and picking it up...   They live several miles from me, so that gets to be a big logistics problem...

Now we are attempting to go camping this weekend, so this will be the first time for me to go thru all the stuff that Loyce took care of...  Solo camping will be a big pain until I get it down...  There are no more pink and blue jobs.... they are all my job...!

Retired Rod

I forgot to answer Penny about Biscuit riding....  She has ridden at slow speeds on the big scooter down to the dogie park in campgrounds...  But she freaks out at higher speeds..  Would need to have a kennel that would contain her...  Even then that would need to be strapped in with industrial fasteners....  LOL


  1. Our friend, Denise, straps Bennie's kennel on the rear of her bike and off they go. Have you got a list of jobs that need to be done to go camping? Have a good time with the family.

  2. Solo camping is doable. Just take your time. :)

  3. Hope you have a good time with the grandkids. I admire how you are working through this!

  4. I never could get it done right, having to do both pink and blue jobs. Probably because I never understood a lot about some of the blue ones.

  5. Glad to hear your taking the MH out for a camping trip - sorry to hear the oil change cost $300. It would have been very frustrating if the lights on your friend's bike had refused to fail.

    I'm having trouble picturing Biscuit racing down the highway at 60mph on the back of your Honda!

  6. I'm sometimes much better at the pink jobs than the blue jobs. Years ago doing everything was normal but we all do have a habit of relying on our partners more & more over the years & if & when something happens like in your case it can leave some of us fellas in a rather tough spot. But, like the old saying goes....'when the going gets tough-the tough get going. I think this is what's happening in your case Rod.

  7. I have now had to take on the blue jobs as well as my usual pink, and it's not so bad..It does take a bit longer doing all the inside and out though.. You will get the hang of it.. Good luck and glad to see you getting out there..

  8. Your first MH experience without Loyce is going to be a hard one. I am so glad you are going with your kids. It will be a tough one for all of you. I just know you have it in you to do it Rod. I have to say I am still in shock over her passing. Are you going to make it to Arizona this winter? So many tough decisions to make for you. I know she would want you to go and enjoy your trip.

    Sending you continuing Love and Strength to get you through these hard days.

  9. Howdy Rod,
    HERE'S A WHOLE HEAP OF STRENGTH & ENERGY, for just this week-end; USE IT ALL UP !!!
    Sure glad Al got the 'mystery-light' fixed, it HAD to be a loose connection somewhere...

    Get Biscuit used to riding SLOW, then speed up, a little at a time, pretty soon she'll have that head up and her ears blowin' in the wind... My sis had a Westie/alligator, he chewed a wrought iron leg off of her coffee-table, who LOVED TO SIT ON THE GAS-TANK WITH HIS EARS FLYING,! HARLEY RIDER !!!

  10. I had two Yorkies that about 150,000 miles on the tank of my bikes. I started them in a tank bag, with the top pinned open, with leashes pined so they couldn't jump out. Later, when they got to the sooooo excited stage when I said "Wanna go riding", we left off the leashes. They had their own vest with their names on them and run pins. I got one of those small display tents from Walmart and would set it up outside my own full size tent.


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