Monday, October 28, 2013

Weed Police

After writing last nights blog, my neighbor came over and knocked on the door offering to help me return the motorhome to storage...  Since it is in front of his house too, I do feel that he wanted it gone from out front as well.

So we chased each other over to the storage lot about ten  miles away... He has a new camero with a big engine, so I got to ride home in a a very legitimate muscle car..  With its 6.2 liter V8, it just rolled as easy as pie...  I wonder how fast that fellow will go......

Anyway this morning I drove over to the trailer repair place in Apache Junction, where they agreed to take in my axle repair but they had no way to come and get the trailer...  Citing insurance problems, they wanted me to cripple the thing on over there.... in his words......

I had no choice, without a truck or any way to pull it besides the Arizona car, I hitched it up and stayed under 25 mph..  I used the cruise control to stay at the slow speed so I wouldn't get the urge to go faster...  The back wheel wobbled back and forth from side to side scaring me to death but I made it.....

They were to call me back when they found out something....  I didn't receive a call yet today...  Maybe they couldn't get to it today..  I didn't call them back either, perhaps scared of the outcome..

Mid morning, the landscapers that work for our home management company that looks after our place while we are in the Midwest arrived to clean up the weeds and trim all the trees and bushes... There were two of these fellows and they worked for over two hours...

They did more work in that time than I would have accomplished in all of the next week...!  Plus they had a trailer and hauled away all of the clippings...  This will cost me when the bill comes, but it will be worth it not to have all of this clean up hanging over me..

I can now concentrate on replacing the bushes that didn't make it over the summer...  And that would be several that I purchased and replanted last spring..  Desert plantings can be really hit and miss...

So both the Motorhome and the trailer are gone from in front of the house and the weed patrol will be happy that the place is cleaned up...

And yes, the home owners association does have inspectors that will contact you if your place isn't kept free of unwanted weeds.... I gathered from talking with the main landscaper fellow, that I was very near that point in June when he first came to our house....  We, the neighbors and I, laughingly call them the weed police....

Retired Rod


  1. We have weed police also, who supposedly do lot inspections in the spring. I would never ever live in a gated community of any kind if I should happen to leave here.

  2. When you said weed Police I thought maybe ya got busted......

  3. I thought Oh No! He was in a fast car and asked " How high will this go?". The the guy then pulled out a doobie and away you went.
    Always fun to ride in some of these new strong cars and feel the pull.
    Hope the trailer news turns out not too bad.

  4. Um ya. "Weed Police" has different meanings, depending on just where you are. (geographically/socially/ etc.,)
    I didn't really think you had started smokin' that wacky tabaky though. But hey, to each his own.
    A young (well, he's in his forties) friend of our daughter's just bought one of the late model "muscle cars". I think it's the new version of the Dodge Challenger. Nice car apparently, but we tend to associate anyone who owns such a car (perhaps wrongly so) with the term "douche bag". Not really nice. He's a good guy, really.
    He thought about getting himself a BMW, which would have certainly met with my approval, but it didn't have any cup holders. You can draw your own conclusions.

  5. Don't even get me started on homeowner's associations and weed police! They were nothing but grief to us when we had a rental house in Las Vegas. All I can tell you is we had over $1,000 in fines because renters did not pull weeds. Every once in a while we had a landscaper go over to make sure all the plants were still in place and to pull weeds. Oops, you got me started. We have sworn we will never live where there's a homeowner's association again!!!

  6. Um Rod we have a Pick up Truck just let us know next time okay. Glad you got all your stuff done and I just bet you were dying to have a ride in that Muscle Car lol

  7. We also have a truck - why didn't you call? Too much of that wacky weed? That's what I thought when I saw the title of your post. Glad to know somebody wasn't growing something in your yard for you.

  8. I can see the wheels turning in your mind about that super-duper Camaro - dont' do it!!! Just what every homeowner needs is weed police. Jeez!

  9. fyi, you dont have to live in a gated community or have an association to get nabbed by the weed police.
    we had a 'burn' pile for 15 years, neighbors added to it, and it was a nice ecosystem, with ferral cats, doves, and
    assorted critters calling it home. we live in unincorporated st charles county, surronded by Dardenne, apparently
    one of the dardenne yuppies didnt like it and turned us into the health department. cost us 1500.00 to be removed
    and fines from the county....


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