Saturday, October 26, 2013

On into Mesa

As you would expect, when I was withing driving distance of the home in Mesa, it was pedal to the metal and off to the races..  But of course with me doing all of the inside and outside duties, it took about 4 hours from the time I woke up until I was off.

That was about 10 AM, so I was way behind Al, who I am sure was gone before 6...  With the heavy rig and the trailer on its back side, I stay at about 65 mph or less.

It was a heavy day for me as I was driving, because October 25 is Loyce's birthday, and I kept tearing up as I thought about her..

It was after noon when I was driving around Gallup.  I was hoping for a parking place to get some fast food...  But the traffic on exit 20 was overwhelming...  Short of just stopping in the middle of a street with the 4 ways on like I was stalled, I was lucky to just go around the block and get back on the highway...  I did get honked at a couple of times and one guy in a Jeep had to give me a single digit hand sign...

At exit 16 there are truck stops, and I filled up with diesel.  But no fast foods..... so I just gave up and drove on to Holbrook...  There the Mc Donalds has truck parking...  By now it was 2 PM.

Its about 3 and a half hours from there on to the Mesa house...  My watch said 3 PM but Arizona is an hour earlier....  Aw what the heck.... Go for it!!!

So after dealing with the traffic over the mountain at Heber and on into Payson, it still seemed like forever coming that last 80 miles into the South side of Mesa....    And then once parked and into the house, it took until midnight to carry load after load of stuff...

During the loading, I had to explain Loyce's passing to the neighbors on our North which devastated them as well...  That's hard on me as well, as you have to go thru it again...

I fell asleep in the chair around midnight...  As an aside, it was hard to find the sheets and blankets for the bed...  She had stored them inside a plastic storage bag inside the big storage closet...  There are numerous shelves in this closet, and they are full of bags of pillows and towels and everything that she was keeping cleaner in our absence...

Without her to guide me, I have to go thru everything and determine what each item must be used for...  She would never let me help much in these matters as I didn't do stuff like she would have...  So that just makes me more at a loss...

Retired Rod


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, Rod. You are doing very well considering it hasn't been all that long.

  2. our thoughts and prayers are for you Rod as you go through this difficult time. We agree with Gypsy, that you are doing very well.

  3. Rod, you are doing well. When my mom lost my dad, she shut herself up in the bedroom and didn't come out for months. You are moving on but keeping her memories alive with you. You and your friends can all grieve together.

  4. Rod , I would be just like you, I can drive the rig, but the real brains of the outfit has always been Donna.I know little about where the money goes and where it is.I will have to learn all that.I hope I go before she does. She can drive the rig now, so I don't worry about that. Be safe out there buddy. Sam & Donna...

  5. Rod, now that you are back in Mesa, I hope you will let yourself grieve . The loss of a life partner is a very traumatic event. It changes everything. So I hope you give yourself the gift of time to adjust to these challenges. If it's any consolation at all, I'd be completely useless in your situation.

  6. You seem to be doing just fine. It's a woman thing, don't worry about it. My husband would have a heck of a time finding sheets in our RV. It's just something he doesn't have to do. You seem to be adjusting okay.

  7. Welcome back. Hope you were able to get some sleep. One step, one day at a time. You're doing just fine. Call me when you feel like it.

  8. As Sandie said, "one step at a time." We've never met but know you through other friends such as John and Brenda, please know we think of you often and can't imagine the sense of loss you must be experiencing.

  9. Rod, I can imagine the loss you feel, like many others just take it one day at a time - I know it wont get better - only easier but it will take some time. Keep your chin up and face each day with the realization you will see her again. Lean on your friends for support -- I am as many are -- as close as your email or telephone

  10. Thought of you all day on my sis's birthday. It was a very bittersweet day on her birthday. Maisie (Loyce) would be so proud of you-moving on with your life and staying strong. Love you!

  11. Howdy Rod & Biscuit,
    Sure am glad y'all made it, safe & sound... In your grieving KNOW THAT YOU'RE NOT ALONE...
    I'm hardly seeing the keyboard & screen, as I'm typing this.. I'm remembering back to Myrna's passing and ALL that I have gone through AND STILL GO THROUGH, after all of these years..
    MAN, IT'S HARD, but you've got a WHOLE WORLD OF FRIENDS SUPPORTING YOU, just receive it and learn how to use it... I'm sure telling the neighbors and having them break-down was the hardest part, I know it was for me...
    Hug Biscuit for me... All your 'readers' are pulling for you, so, you take care and know we care...

  12. ADDENDUM #2:
    Rod, there is some realism in your d-i-l's caution about the kids pics... There have been some SADIST go from where pics of kids are shown to tracing back and finding them & their PUBLIC 'faces', then PORNO claims, etc... I enjoyed seeing their faces, but in today's WEIRD WORLD, WHO KNOWS !!!
    You were really lucky to have gotten through the day, without any trouble, reflecting on what all the day has meant; the PRAYERS of your friends helped you through, in light of all the traffic you managed....


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