Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pictures are worth lots of words....

So once I was back from the urgent care, and sitting outside with Biscuit, I popped off this picture with the point and shoot...  See the truck going by out on the interstate...  Its just like they are driving thru your bedroom around here..

We have ourselves a 74 degree afternoon with some whispy clouds, but that may mean worse weather is on its way...

But on to the visit to the Urgent Care...  You would have thought I was checking in for a weeks hospital stay as they recorded all of my information...  And then I had nurse ratchet that had to know everything about anything that had ever happened in my medical life...  She was critical that I had arrived by motor cycle and thought that I should have all of my medical information in my wallet for the EMTs when they come to scrape me off of the highway....  I really wasn't looking for a lecture..

And no way was she removing any bandage from my shoulder, a Doctor had to do it...  So I sat there waiting for the doc...  Had I known it would be such a procedure to get this looked at, I would have removed the thing myself...

But then this light and airy Doctor popped in and wanted to know about my bike.. And then he asked about the doc that did the procedure in Kansas, as I explained he was a full professor for the University...

He removed the big band aid and the packing while I was talking, looking it over and opening a new dressing..  Before I knew what had happened, he had applied the patch over the wound and told me I was good to go..

During the explanation he said that MRSA is really common now days and that they rarely culture for it any more...  They just treat everything like that's what they are dealing with...  He asked about the antibiotics that I had been on and seemed to agree with the Kansas Dr's choice..So I'm good to go... No more packing and no more visits unless it gives me trouble..

While I was taking the above picture and trying to get it uploaded onto the computer, I had a visitor come to my door...  It was Kelly from the Bayfield Bunch... After following each other's blogs for years, it was just like meeting an old friend..  Al got the rig parked and he and Phoebes were right behind... They had been at the camping world across the street..

Of course he took a lot of pictures, but my camera was completely disassembled and the memory card was in the computer...  Which was downloading some new update and wouldn't work for a couple of hours..  So I guess the pictures will have to come from Al....  Nothing different about that...LOL

The park ranger lady that parks the rigs when they come in immediately spotted their new class C and came over bust me about having unregistered visitors..  And then she jumped on Al's dog because she wasn't tied up....  Mind you she wasn't a foot from Kelly's side...  I did have Biscuit on a lead, but that is because she would be in the next county otherwise..

So our visit was over almost before it began....  But as usual, blogger friends are true blue friends, even when you haven't met face to face yet.....  They plan on Boondocking over at the route 66 casino and will make it on into Congress tomorrow....  Biscuit and Phoebes were instant friends as well....

I did get a tour of their new class C and its a real keeper..  Its very nicely appointed..  And once they get it set up with solar, they will be right back to hiding in the desert.... LOL  That is when they aren't relaxing at that new to them house in Congress...

Retired Rod


  1. Howdy Rod,
    That's why Al & Kelly don't do RV parks !!!! Sure am glad you got your back taken care of okay...Did he re-pack it or just put on the 'big' band-aid??
    Some people just like to believe that ALL BIKERS are CRAZY... People like that don't have much of a life, tho !!! Right leg on right side, left leg on left side and MIND in the middle !!!!

  2. So glad you got to meet the Bayfield Bunch --- I am sitting here quietly awaiting my turn to meet them -- Hope it is quickly....glad you got the wound taken care of and its okay -- if it bothers you (even just a little) find another urgent care!!! Safe travels!!

  3. Rod,
    Thrilled that Kelly and Al found you !!!!! What a great surprise ..... And what the heck Pheebs and Biscuit got to meet up too ....... Too bad the lady at the desk had to rain on all the fun...... Oh well, carry on that's why we travel .... Still love it that you all had fun !!!! Glad the wound care went well..... Relax and travel safe.... SallyB

  4. Im glad you got to meet the Bayfield Bunch....too bad about the spoilsport...maybe you can mosey on down toward congress and have a pet friendly atmosphere and a good visit :) SOOO happy you got that back checked and taken care of kinda gives us that follow you a little peace of mind :) Be Careful and Safe Travels

  5. It's kind of refreshing to read about a doctor that actually has a good "bedside manner". It comes naturally to some, and never to others. Our doctor's "partner" is the complete opposite of him.
    I recall describing her as having the bedside manner of a Nazi storm trooper when her services were offered when our doc was on holiday. I decided to wait.

  6. Nice that you finally got to meet Kelly and Al after all those years, we met them a couple years ago in Arizona.

  7. Glad you got a face to face withthe Bayfield bunch, been hoping the last couple years they would stop at the ranch on the way south but they took the northern route this year, you will get to meet them again in Congress. Have a safe trip to your winter home. Sam & Donna...

  8. Sounds like good news with your infection. Sure glad to hear that. We always stay across the highway at the Enchanted Trails. They aren't near as picky. We stayed at the one you're in once and that was enough. At least you got to meet Kelly and Al and Pheebs if only for a couple of minutes.

  9. Glad you at least got to see a friendly, well mannered doctor to treat you. I guess you're good to go now from the sounds of it.

  10. It was really nice to meet you & Biscuit !
    Al keeps looking in his mirror waiting for you to go roaring by....

    Travel safe my friend...... Kelly

  11. It must have been a relief to get a good report from the Doc. I wish you the best.


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