Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Romeos to Waverly, Mo..

I participated in today's Romeo Ride to Waverly, Mo...  This town is clear over in the center of Missouri on Highway 65...

We left the McDonalds here by my house at 8:30 taking a round about path that led us out of town to the Southeast even though the town of Waverly is Northeast of KC...

I guess we were just enjoying the travel on the motorcycles on US 50..  But once about 50 miles away we turned North on Mo 131 and made our way on a more direct route..   US 24 crosses Missouri from KC to Hannibal and crosses US 65 directly in the center of the state...

Waverly is called the Apple capital of the state and there are several orchards with stores out along the highways in the area...  We went to the Apple Bar Be Cue there in town, which had a special breakfast cook in for the day, along with their normal lunch fair...   We arrived about 10:30 and did order breakfast items...

Some of the other fellows ordered luncheon items which included burnt ends on Texas Toast  sandwiches along with dinner plate sized tenderloins...

We left about noon, and decided to pass on the apple stands, however many of the riders did go, and there are pictures galore of the restaurant and the apple stores on the Romeo web site....   Here

We rode back along the Missouri River thru Lexington, where we have an enjoyable country road along the water....  But it was during this portion of the ride, that I noticed that my friend Al's headlights had gone out yet again...  This is in spite of our attempts at servicing the problem over the last week...

A quick decision was made to return to our repair facility in Independence, Mo and let the pro's have a go at it...   We rode directly there....

Some cursory wiggling and probing didn't turn up any reason for the intermittent loss of function..  So we were forced to leave his bike at the shop...  Suddenly we were two riders with only one motorcycle...

The Goldwing is up to that task, but as a rider, I usually try to stay away from riding two up...  But since we were trapped into this one, I just sucked it up and rode us home...  It was mostly interstate, and the bike does fine at fast speeds with two riders...  Its balancing at stop lights and such that requires advanced skills...

So it was an opportunity for me to work on my riding skills and we made it thru the experience without incidence..

Tonight has been mostly watching baseball while talking with one of my good friends from Des Moines on Skype....  Without these friends, I would be lost....

Retired Rod


  1. I'm sure glad your weather is still holding out for your bike riding. But riding two would be very interesting when you aren't used to it. Glad you got home safe.

  2. Good to hear you went out for ride with the guys, it sure helps to keep active. I did a lot of 2 up rides with my wife and sometimes guys bigger than me. They just have to behave and lean when you do. Now I am happy to ride 1 up and now drop it.

  3. I was always uncomfortable riding with Michael--always afraid I would wiggle the wrong way!

  4. I"m glad you have your motorcycle friends too and are participating as usual. It's good that you have something that you enjoy.

  5. I wouldn't want to be the passenger or the rider on a 2-up bike. Glad you made it home safely. The Romeo's lunch site sounded pretty good especially those Texas Toast sandwiches.

  6. Howdy Rod & Biscuit,

    Breakfast at lunch time is gooood... Glad y'all did some BLUE ROADING that's the way to travel.. DON'T LIKE SUPER-SLABS NONONONO !!! CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!! That's the reason they make 'buddy-seats' !!! All you gotta do is keep the mind in the middle !!!
    Hope they get Al's headlights fixed; it's bad to be cruisin' along in the dark AND EEKKK NO LIGHTS !!!! Been there done that !!!!!
    Give Biscuit a hug & pat & scratch behind her ears !!!! That'll be a HAPPY DAY !!!!!

  7. So you won't be taking Biscuit on your bike like Froggi Donna does her dog?
    Misty and I send our best wishes to you and Biscuit.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny

  8. Breakfast food is my favorite and I'll eat it at any time of the day. I'm with you, I like solo rides.


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