Friday, November 2, 2012

Back to the Hospital

I am out of gas tonight as I sit down to write a few lines about today...  A day which started at 6 AM, well before daylight...

This was another Cat Scan day at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and I never look forward to the procedure....  As usual, you are intimidated by the possibility of a frightening outcome....  The disease might reoccur and all plans would need to be changed....  Or outright cancelled....

And for me it seems that just going thru the tests has become more difficult....  Since I had to be at the Imaging Lab at 8 AM, we needed to be on the road at about 7:15 and compete in the morning drive time race to downtown...  We had several slowdowns to almost a walking speed as we made our way thru the construction zones....

Our weather here allows construction almost all winter long, with days off because of weather, but never causing a complete shutdown of the projects...  KC has had these ongoing projects since we moved here six years ago...  They never get done.

And at the Hospital it took three hours to get the tests done, with several complications, as my person doesn't always comply with what they are trying to do....  But eventually, it was time to go see the Doctors...  And today was the first time that I have filed under Medicare, so all the forms to change insurance preceded each different department....

But the outcome was favorable.......!!!  No more disease.....!  And no more appointments until next May!!  I was on the three month monitor plan and now I am switched to the six month plan...

It seemed surreal as I drove back to the South side of KC...  We are free to spend the rest of the winter as we please.....  Well once we get beyond Loyce's appointments...

Late in the afternoon I journeyed over to the Barber Shop to relieve the mop over my ears, as another early winter project...  And I am happy to report that the procedure went much better than morning IVs and the like.....  No blood letting what so ever, despite the spiral barber pool out front...

 Back home tonight we are glad to announce that all the ghosts and goblins seem to have stayed away, while Loyce took down all the orange and black decorations for another year.....

And yesterday afternoon, we had the annual compressed air blow out of our irrigation system....  So the ground is now free to freeze, but the temperature on the dash of the truck was in the high 70s as I was driving to the barber today...

At that rate I will have to put gas back in the mower because the grass thinks its still summer.........

Retired Rod


  1. Good for you Rod....I wish to keep on reading your posts...I had already put the mower away and our grass has another plan for me too...The county put the snow blades on their trucks today..Uh-Oh..

  2. So good to here the good news, I am looking forward to meeting up with you before either one of us get the chop. now you can head out and enjoy your new winter home,Be safe out there . Sam & Donna..

  3. Awesome! Congrats on the good reports! :)

    Looking forward to seeing pictures when you get down to the new place and start settling in.

  4. wow your title today scared me...the Back to the relieved to read on and find out the outcome was good yeahhhh!!!! nothing like good enjoy your winter we'll be following you you venture to your new winter home :) be safe

  5. Wonderful news Rod. Now you and Loyce hurry down here. I can't wait for a tour of the new place and JB is hungry for Fuddruckers.

  6. Good news, congratulations! Looking forward to you getting on the road and arriving in AZ!

  7. Congratulations!!!!! Glad to hear your test results were good.


  8. What a relief!! Six months of freedom!

  9. Congrats, Rod. That's the best news I've read anywhere in blogland for quite some time now. I'm very, very happy for both you and Loyce as you'll really be able to enjoy your new home down in Mesa this winter.

    p.s. - I have no willpower when it comes to new software. I'm going to have to confess in tomorrow's blog that I upgraded my desktop to Windows 8 yesterday despite promising I was going to wait. I just couldn't stand it anymore - I'm glad I switched because this new one is fun!

  10. Late to the party here. Congratulations. Always nice to read of good news.

  11. You were probably walking on air coming out of that hospital. How great to have something go right when so many things could go wrong. Arizona here you come:)))))

  12. So happy to hear your good news. It's wonderful to be on the six month plan. If there was any grass out here it would definitely need mowing. Back in the high 80's. But chilly at night. Get on the road.

  13. Happy to hear the great report. Put the appointment on your calendar and don't think about it for the next six months. Enjoy your winter months in your new home.

  14. Great news, now you can relax and enjoy the new house. Always read your Blog.

  15. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and well wishes after the Docs said I was doing OK....


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