Friday, November 16, 2012

Inside pictures...

I was requested to put some inside pictures on the blog...  As long term readers will recognize, these are pictures from last summer when we were working to get the basics complete..  So you will have seen them before here on the blog...

Loyce loves her washers as she will do a little laundry every day...  That is why boondocking isn't in the cards much for us... We are used to utilities and seldom choose to go without them..

The bushes and trees have grown over the summer so I will have to go get some current pictures, once I get things trimmed and back under control..

The great room has the living area in the back and the kitchen in the front.

I just turned around and took this next shot from almost the same spot as above...

We have since added some bedroom furniture so that will have to be re pictured one of these days...

And we brought a headboard for the guest bedroom, so this picture is old and doesn't show it...

I usually sneak around when we are going to have some company over and take pictures...  Loyce is quite particular as to what mess I might be showing on the blog...  If anything is out of place that picture is to be omitted ....  LOL..

Since today is a dentist day that will leave me not wanting to be a blogger this evening, these older pictures will have to suffice for now....  But I promise to take some newer pictures as we get stuff around and current...

Retired Rod


  1. Thank you for the inside shots. It's lovely. Ken and I have talked about buying a place in Arizona when we're 'done' RVing. This kind of home would be perfect for us. I'm sure you are enjoying it. Thanks again for showing the pics.

  2. Yo.ur home is lovely and I like the easy care landscaping

  3. Love it. One of these days we're going to get over there and see it in person.

  4. Hello Rod!

    It looks fantastic!!!


  5. Lovely house, but I'd have to do something about all those white walls. Enjoy!!

  6. Looks great, Rod. I know what you mean about taking only 'neat and tidy' pictures around the house!

    So, only question I have is where's the swimming pool for the grandkids going to go??


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