Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday on the scooter

Out for a ride on the scooter this afternoon sent me to the older Wal Mart in downtown Apache Junction..  I had  decided to check out how much a micro sd card would cost.  I thought I would increase the memory in my new tablet computer.  The little speck like chips aren't too pricey until you decide to get a bigger one. And of course that is exactly what I wanted.  A 32 gb micro sd chip was $30, but that brings my memory up to a respectable 48 gb...

Android includes a memory manager in its basic programs which allows moving files and making folders.  I can put the little card in its standard sd adapter and plug it into my laptop to share files. So I can move a large bunch oof pictures all at once without going to the cloud or using my WiFi network. You could also put the card in the camera too, but I haven't tried that..

I thought it was rather amazing that when I signed on to Google with the android tablet, it synchronized itself with my android phone and linux desktop.  It pulled all the apps that were on my phone and loaded them one after another.  And when I downloaded chrome it pulled all my favorites from the cloud which are on the desktop and laptop..  It even knew what page I was on in the book I had been reading.
When you study the structure of the files on the internal memory you quickly recognize that android 4.1 jellybean is actually a version of linux..  That's somewhat funny as folks seem to shy away from linux and wouldn't choose it ever.... But run their phones and tablets not knowing they're  using it.

Even Apple ios is a form of unix.. That's why it is so much more stable than Microsoft Windows.

After I left Walmart I rode the motor scooter out to Tortilla Flat north of Apache Junction . This is a very twisty winding road with a 25 mile an hour speed limit. The road is very bumpy going out through the desert with every expansion joint raised in a hump all along the way. This is very popular with the motorcycle group , as every other vehicle seems to be a bike.

Once parked, the old wooden board walk was full of people checking out the stores and the restaurant . The outdoor bar and grill wasn't too busy but the live music wasn't playing either.  I went in the restaurant which is covered with dollar bills as wallpaper, but there weren't many people in there either. I think everyone was out enjoying the sunny afternoon. I didn't have my camera with me but I used my cell phone to take a couple of shots in the downtown area . Most of the folks had on motorcycle clothes in the pictures.

I can't help wondering if all the bikers intimidate the regular normal people who just stopped to use the bathroom and get an ice cream..  The ride home seemed quicker and shorter but perhaps I wasn't looking around as much. It did make for a nice Sunday afternoon...

By the way I dictated much of this blog entry with the voice recognition app in the android tablet..

Retired Rod

The outdoor bar is a kind of picnic area with live entertainment.  Nice picture of my fingers up on the top...LOL


  1. Thanks for the photos of Tortilla Flat. We always enjoyed going there.

  2. Next time you're over this way, stop and say hi. We've been threatening to go up to Tortilla Flats for a burger but seems all we do is go to Scottsdale. lol

  3. All these tablets have some pretty amazing features once you start exploring a bit. I still don't understand why Steve Jobs didn't put the SD micro slot in the iPad.

    Thanks for posting the pictures of Tortilla Flats - one of my favorite places to visit.

  4. I've never been intimidated by bikers, but then I probably wouldn't be going into a place where I should be intimidated. I love the big bar & grill places with outdoors seating in the summer that usually attract the bikers. I've always found them polite and friendly.


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