Sunday, November 25, 2012

What did I do?

Its Rick's fault, he had to go out and buy a new tablet!  And of course I couldn't stand it..  Not that I wanted an Apple, no sir I can't go dark side like that... But still I wondered what else I might find on sale  over at Best Buy....

So I was just browsing the adds mind you.  And before I knew it I was on the bike to go look at an Android.  They had two on sale.. an Acer and an Asus..  Asus makes the motherboard in my linux desktop in KC..

These were both $100 off from regular price.  The Asus was the more expensive at $279.  But it had both front and back cameras and a quad core processor. It also had an Nvidia display module.....   Somehow it jumped into my arms for the trip home...

For an avid PC user, this onscreen keyboard is slower than molasses.  I make mistakes in every word and the type ahead is correcting everything wrong.. But I did get chrome downloaded and skype too.  I was having a snit with my email account too.. But that's normal.  We finally decided to change the port number and it worked.  We means the tech at surewest that l had to call.

Loyce told me her Apple cost more so it was much better  , LOL.   Ya like three times..  But she has 64 gb and a verizon aircard, where this is only 16 gb.. and wifi only..    Android phones and tablets can have memory chips plugged in so their size is upgradeable.

So I ended up with another birthday present to keep me occupied, but I'm not getting rid of the laptop any time soon.

Retired Rod


  1. Enjoy Rod, always nice to get a new toy to explore and especially when you get a great deal!

  2. I'm always happy to take the blame for someone getting a new techie gizmo! I just discovered yesterday that my new iPad has a great voice recognition system so I'm using it for this comment - no molasses type keyboard to worry about. Maybe you should throw another $200 into your Birthday fund and see about coming over to the 'dark side'!


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