Thursday, September 8, 2011

Contractor came back

I spent the morning tiling the floor in the small office/bedroom in the new basement project.  It wasn't really hard work, just peeling and sticking the tiles to the floor, but since I intend to grout the joints, I had those little cross pieces to put in between each tile as I went.

And I swear that some of the tiles are cut irregularly, because all of a sudden for now apparent reason they go out of square and you are stuck adjusting everything to try and get the grout lines back somewhat straight.

By mid morning, our  contractor came over, and we went thru the plans to continue on the job.  Specifically installing the ceiling tile in the main room of the project.  We calculated that there is 606 square feet of ceiling remaining.  But it is all cut up and odd shaped, so determining the supplies for the room took me quite a while.

So mid afternoon, I was over at the local Home Depot, purchasing tile and T channel runners.  I have no idea if what I decided to purchase will be the right amount, but man do I have the supplies here for them to start working tomorrow.

It took me two trips to get it all home with the pickup truck.  I probably could have squeezed it all into one load, but it would have been close, and some of the tile bundles would have been inside the back seat.

Tonight I was back down finishing the floor tile, but it still needs most of the perimeter pieces cut and stuck down.  But after carrying ten bundles of ceiling tiles three different times, I am flagged for today.

Retired Rod

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  1. I bet the employees at Home Depot stand up and cheer when you arrive. I think you are personally supporting the store. But it is going to be so wonderful to have it all done.


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