Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day!

We woke to cool temperatures this morning.  In the 60s cool. so there was no swimming in the lake today.

Actually Labor Day for us is usually a day of Labor, as we get things ready to be shut down for the season.  So out came the jet ski this afternoon, and once on the trailer we started to fuss with changing the oil and filter.

This time the filter is way down along side the engine where you can't see it at all.  And only a contortionist can even feel where it is.  Our neighbor Tony came over and showed us how to reach it, as he has the same model only a couple of years older.

We were not successful getting the factory filter off of the engine.  They must have welded it on for all we know.  We tried every filter wrench we had, and couldn't budge it.  But then we couldn't see it and almost couldn't feel it.

I used the vacuum container and slurped the oil out and we replaced it with clean oil even though the filter is still the old one.  After pouring a pint of the pink stuff into the water inlet, it is now in the back of  the garage.  Perhaps we will work on it again this fall, but it is out of the lake and stored for now.

Ben and I worked on the pontoon boat pickling the gas with stabil.  Then we put the battery minder on it and the cover.  That took over an hour too.  Oh, and the cable that limits the down travel on the jet ski floating lift was broken.  So after getting new cable, Chris and Ben both worked on that one.  So it now has new cable.

We didn't leave to go home until 5:30, so it was really late when we got back to KC.  We generally never unload in the dark, but tonight was the exception.

It was in the high 50s as we were carrying our stuff in, so that was making my shorts seem out of place.  Its too early for it to be so cool!

And we will be messed up all week because it will be Tuesday tomorrow when it will seem like Monday all day.   But summer is now officially over.........

Retired Rod


  1. It's hard to believe that summer is officially over when we are supposed to hit the upper 90's all week. I wore my white capris for the last time this year - I don't think anyone in CA pays attention to that old rule, and probably no one under 50 anywhere heeds the old advice that one never wears white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. I don't want my mother rolling over in her grave, so I will put the whites away.

  2. For once it's hotter here on Vancouver Island than it is down in Missouri!

    You sure are having your problems with filters these days. Glad you got all your equipment stored away safely.

    Now back to the basement project!!

    It never ends.


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