Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dragging more stuff home.....

I spent the day shopping!!  Not with Loyce,  but shopping at the local Lowes and Home Depot.  I needed a bathroom vanity, and some cabinets for the bar we are building in the basement.

It really isn't anything too extravagant, but even so, I needed to find pieces that would fit.  And they didn't have what I wanted.  Finally one of the fellows said I would have to purchase regular cabinets and modify them into being a sink base.

Cabinets come with drawers in the top, and not as sink bases unless they are 36  inches wide.  I was looking for 30 inch.  It took me several trips back and forth to get the stuff home with the small bed pickup.  About two items at a time.  I still have a bunch of stuff to get for the folks to work on while I'm laid up.

The rest of the day was spent installing can light fixtures into the new ceiling grid.  I had to roto zip a hole into the center of ceiling tile and install the fixture.  Once the tile was up in the grid, then it had to be drilled and screwed to the metal.

Then it was wired with that flexible metal stuff.  I do not like working with that kind of wire as I always think I am going to cut myself on it.    It is slow going as you have to climb the ladder a bazillion times, but by 7 PM tonight the lights were on!

Retired Rod

We will be pausing today, to reflect on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy in New York.  I worry that our leaders have become complacent again thinking that they have everything under control.........


  1. I don't like going up and down a ladder even once. Let alone a bazillion times. Time to give your body a rest.

  2. Hope you're going to take a day off and rest up some, Rod. I know I am - getting too old for all this manual labour stuff.

    I still remember this day vividly from 10 years ago - it's still somewhat unbelievable.


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