Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House arrest!

Its a good thing I'm not Martha Stewart, because I can't do house arrest very well.  I can think of dozens of things that I want to do and so on but Dr.'s orders that I have to stay right here at home and only walk around the house.

And that is really slowly with a hiking pole used as a cane.  Our tile installer fellow came this afternoon and I went down stairs with him to get him started on the porcelain tile in the bathroom.  And by the time I came back up, I was sweating like I had done some heavy work.  All I did was go down and watch him lay out the tile on the floor.

7 hours of surgery really kicked the stuffing out of me.  Not to mention a few organs  removed as well.  So I will be using that heavy tool in my tool box to finish the rest of some of this work for now.  The pen and checkbook!   The tile guy will come back tomorrow to grout the room.

He looked at my work in the small bedroom from last week and asked why I needed him to do the bathroom.  I'll take that as a compliment.  But of course that was pre surgery.

Retired Rod


  1. Take it easy, sit back and write a few cheques. The more you take it easy now the sooner you will be out on that scooter enjoying Indian Summer.

  2. Stairs are really tough to do so soon after surgery. Hope you went back to your chair and stayed there. We need you well and enjoying life. We won't worry about you replacing Martha.

  3. Hi Rod,
    That must have been some surgery, to take 7 hours. Maybe your insurance was being billed by the hour.
    I sure hope that you feel better soon. How long did they say that it would take you to be feeling up to snuff again?
    How is Biscuit taking it while you can't walk or play with her? Animals seem to know when we don't feel well.

    Happy Tails, and Happy Trails soon, I hope. Penny, TX

  4. The only tools you should be worrying about right now Rod are the TV remote and your laptop computer to keep us all informed of how you're recovery is coming along.

    Take it easy - watching a tiler work is much more enjoyable than doing it yourself!


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