Friday, September 23, 2011

Down on Thursday

Thursday was a recovery day.  That's a day where my recovery was not keeping pace with my will to accomplish anything.  So I just sat around and took pain pills.  I did watch copious amounts of TV and took generous naps.

But about mid way thru the afternoon, Curt my tile expert came back and spent a couple of hours grouting the basement bathroom floor.  That project is now happily complete.

Today, Friday, I was to report in at the Hospital where my surgeon wants to see and admire his work.  Perhaps he just wants to make sure that I am still alive, but they are discussing removing staples out of the front of me.  I also have a plastic tube that goes into my body where sterile water has been irrigated for the last several days.  This is also to be removed.

So with Loyce as my cab driver, we set out at about 11 AM for the 15 mile drive back to downtown.  I wasn't liking the ride much as the shaking of the car was almost unbearable.  I was supposed to appear in the lab for a blood test so we arrived as scheduled.

That's kind of where things fell apart.  We sat in the waiting room while all of the other folks in the entire place were seen, except me.  We finally had to protest........  But just for good measure they made me wait some more.

Once back in the lab room, the lady stuck me several times without producing a single drop of blood, and I had to tell them that I was done with this treatment.  Onward to the Doctor's office.

His office went as planned and we were out within about an hour.  We came back home on the slower and less bumpy city streets, and the overall experience caused me to need a large nap.

So strong, I am not, and many more days will be needed to get anywhere close, but they think I will be ok in the long run, and they did say I was much better today than I was when they saw me last Monday.....

I'm thankful that we hadn't planned on leaving for Arizona any time soon, because those plans would now be scrubbed......

Retired Rod


  1. Well other than having no blood left you sound like you are on the mend.

    As for Arizona it will be there all winter so you get better and once you are feeling find you can head down for a visit at Dogpound South.

  2. Hoping you feel better real soon.
    Just continue to rest and don't overdue it, like JB said AZ will be there when you get there.

  3. I'm glad you're realizing that you shouldn't overdo it. It just makes your recovery that much longer. I agree, after so many pokes I am done. They can get blood some other time.

  4. Sounds like your recovery is coming along well and I'm sure Arizona will be waiting for you when your ready to rumble again. Probably would be healthier for you in the long run if you could get over there before the dregs of winter set in. Would be nice to finish up your recovery in some nice warm healing Arizona sunshine.

  5. Hope we have a better winter than the one you missed last year. Maybe you'll be feeling well enough after the first of the year to head south for a couple months. We are still on hold until we can get some kind of medical plan and then Donna can retire, Be safe out there my friend. Remember the liberty's good.

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty trying day yesterday what with staples, tubes and bloodless veins!

    Glad to hear that the medical folks say you are doing much better though as that's very encouraging.

    Watch some football today and take lots of naps.


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