Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Medical Stuff

Today the alarm went off at 6 AM, just like it did when I was going to work every day.   Ewe... I really groaned and stumbled around trying to get ready.  The subject of today's tests was my heart as I was heading to the cardiologist office.

Since they have poked and prodded every other part of my body, they have somehow overlooked the heart tests, so today was the day.  I spent several hours in the morning, and then was told to go eat a salad or some soup and come back at 1 PM.  They stressed a light no fat lunch..... messes up the test somehow....  So salad it was.

While I was waiting to go back, I was working on mounting a light fixture on one of the suspended ceiling tile in the basement.  I cut the round hole with the roto zip the night before, but had not mounted it in the grid work.  So with an IV lock still in my right arm on the inside of the elbow where I couldn't flex or bend the arm too well, I was up on the ladder installing and wiring a fixture.

I accomplished the task, but it wasn't without some attitude comments.  And just as I finished with the light and had a working wall switch, my watch said I had to go back for the rest of the test.  By now it was getting seriously hot outside.

They injected some more dye in my IV and it was back under the camera thing for another half an hour. As I came back out to the car, the dash temp gauge said 102. (39 C for the Canadians, LOL)  Will it ever give up with this heat?

The remainder of the afternoon was spent cutting and piecing those odd ball tiles that go around the outside of the wall frame.  Each one has to be custom cut with the utility knife.  Then the cuts have to be recessed so the tile will hang thru the metal framing.   It has been a couple of years since I have worked on ceiling tiles, but the skills came back fairly quickly.

Tonight, the small room ceiling is finished, and I only had about half a tile left over, but I will more than likely remake some of the tiles that I wasn't happy with once I get some more new tiles.

I still have a lot of walls that need painting, so the project continues.

Retired Rod

As you read this, it is our Anniversary today.  We were married 43 years ago on a very hot afternoon in Mason City, Iowa.  Loyce's father was the minister at the local Methodist Church and I think every parishioner that attended the church came for the occasion.  The reception line took forever!  Funny how you remember these things.....


  1. Happy Anniversary Rod & Loyce won't be long and you'll get to the big 50. Hope you have another great years together. Glad to hear your tests went great. Sam & Donna..

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary Loyce and Rod. Wow 43 years that is almost as long as I have been alive lol. Big hugs to you both


  3. Happy Aniversary! I was just thinking of your wedding the other day-and being your flower girl! What wonderful memories! I hope to take a roadtrip to MC this weekend! I hope you do something special for your annversary! You guys are my inspiration when it comes to being married!

  4. Congrats to you on your long marriage and Best Wishes to Loyce..

    39C is too hot for Canadians so we stop the Celcius scale at about 30C around these parts. After watching the temps that our friends and neighbours to the south have put up with this summer it is clear to me why I head back home in the summer. Has nothing to do with healthcare or the IRS, I just couldn't take that kind of heat. I probably would be laying on the porch panting like a dog all summer and get nothing done.

  5. Congrats Rod and Loyce on 43 years of marriage!

    Forget that salad stuff, go out and celebrate with a real good Kansas steak dinner!

  6. Happy Anniversary to two very special folks. We wish you many more happy years together.
    E & M


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