Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More than I planned on.

Today,  where did today go?   First it was the call from the contractor that said he wasn't coming because we didn't have the counter top here, and he needed that to go forward.  Well, maybe, if you say so.

There is a bunch of trim work that needs to be completed and lots of other stuff, but he thinks he needs the counter top, so Loyce and I went over to Home Depot in the pickup and picked one out and had them load it.  They had the wall splash block and the end kit with the right formica in it so we grabbed that.

Once home, I called him back, but he informed me that he wouldn't be coming.  The truth of the whole deal is that he has to baby sit for his three year old while his wife works.  That's OK, but I wish he wouldn't lay it on us like it is our fault.  My younger son Ben came over and he and Loyce loaded the counter top out of the pickup and into the living room floor.

I went down during the afternoon and mounted the little brackets that I had made from aluminum to hold the front on the cabinet that we were converting into a sink top .  The drawers are now in the scrap heap back in my shop area.  The door for the bathroom was also hung and the lock set installed, but it was as much work as I could handle, so I came upstairs and slept for almost three hours.

Tonight, I went back to a different Home Depot and found the little bar sink kit that I knew existed.  It has the sink and the faucet all in one package.  But by the time you make it thru the fittings aisle, you have almost doubled the price of the kit in stops and tails and traps.

The fellow called back tonight, and was going to drive over here with his 15 year old son, and get the counter top out of my truck.  At least it was bothering him that we went after it!  Still he says we won't see him until Thursday.  We understood this problem when we hired him, but didn't have a complete understanding of how materially it would affect us.

I did manage to get the Camry filled up with gas and air up the tires to make the yellow light go out on the dash.  But that is just about all the work I could have possible done today.  Maybe I'll just sleep tomorrow.........

Retired Rod


  1. Are you sure you should be doing as much as you're doing? You need to give yourself time to recover. The basement will always be there. Remember always put off till tomorrow what you don't feel like doing today!

  2. Take it easy Rod, don't be doing something you shouldn't, that project will get finished in time!

  3. Good to see your blog back in its regular spot on my list. Seems that things are getting back to normal. You are overdoing it and probably going against your nurses advice, but then what is new. Take it easy, all things will be done when it is their time.

  4. I agree with Sandra also. Do NOT overdo. I know it's frustrating but it could also take you a whole lot longer to heal if you don't behave yourself. We just worry about you.

  5. I'm surprised to see you up and about and doing so much but I suppose that's probably a good thing as long as your stitches are holding up.

    Probably a good idea to take a day off though and rest in between these work forays.


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