Friday, September 2, 2011

Its painted!!

It was quite hot again today and I never experienced a moment of it!  That is because I had a date with the paint roller in the basement.  Since I have been rising early all week, I was up almost automatically at the beginning of the day.

And by 8:30 or so breakfast was over and I was running the drill mixer in the 5 gallon bucket of chocolate milk colored paint.  I didn't have a goal in mind, other than to keep at it steadily.  Tonight my back and arms attest to that steady pace.

By mid afternoon, I reached the corner where it was already painted brown.  And I had painted the bathroom as well.  After going over all the walls looking for places where it dried too thin and needed to be recoated, I washed out the brushes and tossed the roller.

For the rest of the afternoon, I busied myself with finishing the electrical outlets on the now newly painted half of the room.  Since the other side was powered up and the fan and portable lighting was running, I did go turn off the electricity on the circuits I was working on.  By now I was quite tired and didn't trust myself working on the boxes while they were hot.

It still needs to be cleaned up, but for now it is completed for this phase.  Just in time for the holiday weekend.

But no we won't be using the basement for any holiday activities, as we will be headed on down to the Lake place for the big weekend.  I just didn't want to be looking at finishing things when we get back.

Tonight I went on the dusk motor scooter ride, kind of in celebration.  I hadn't awarded myself that privilege while the goal wasn't complete.  But it was still 99 degrees when I left the house on the bike.  As it was getting dark, it began to cool off just slightly down to 95.  Its midnight now and still 85 outside.

Also, Thank You to all of the fine folks that commented on our Anniversary!  We didn't do anything special today, but like usual will celebrate with all the kids down at the Lake over Labor Day.  Seems like we have done it that way for many many years, and in fact we have.

This lake home is our third property on Lake Ozark, starting back in 1983.  And we have spent every Labor Day there since that time.  Wow, we've been doing it that way for 28 years.....  But then if it isn't broken......

Missouri has held a special place in our hearts as a vacation hide away when we lived and worked professionally in Iowa and as respite from the big city here in KC.

Retired Rod


  1. Enjoy the long weekend at the lake!

  2. Happy Anniversary. So did Loyce's Dad walk her down the aisle as well? I love hearing about marriages that have made it through so many years of good and bad times. Have a great week-end at the lake and just relax.


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