Monday, September 19, 2011


I played the get out of jail card and it worked!  We left the University of Kansas Med Center about 1 PM, for the 45 minute ride back to our home out here in the very Southern part of the metro.  A lot of the ride is on the interstate, and I was barking at Loyce to miss all the pot holes.

Once you have been signed off to be released, things change quickly as they removed the IV line and the little abdominal bulb suction tube thingy.  It hurt when they pulled it out!  I unhooked the wires from the pocket heart monitor and took a quick shower in the stand up stall.  Clean Hair!!

I'm in my own recliner with my desk top on the end table and the keyboard on a pillow in my lap.  Man is it nice to have a 22 inch monitor back...  And no one is poking my arm wanting another vial of blood, or screaming that my blood pressure is too high.



  1. You're home!!! Time to celebrate. I love any excuse to celebrate and this one definitely qualifies. But take it easy.

  2. Glad to hear you're home where you can finally get some rest. Be easy on yourself. :)

  3. Take it easy my friend and let the healing begin. I am sure your personal nurse is giving you lots of "advice".

    We are hoping to see you and hear all the details this winter in Mesa.

  4. Terrific news, Rod! Just grab that remote, keep your laptop handy, put the recliner back and take it easy for the rest of the week. You have a great nurse in Loyce to take care of you too!

  5. Welcome home Rod, we will be rooting for you from the other side of MO. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. Yay! Glad you are home!! :)

    I was amazed last year on my way home from the hospital how much I could feel every little crack and bump in the road...and potholes! Ouch!!

  7. I know you must be so glad to be home, but be sure to take it easy for a while.


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