Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grouting is done

I spent much of the day sitting right dead center of the now newly tiled floor in the bedroom/office of the basement.  Slowly I dabbed a bit of grout into the crack in front of me and then scraped it back off with the rubber faced trowel.

Once as clean as I could get it with the trowel, then it was to the sponge and bucket of water to wash it back as clean as possible without scraping the grout back out of the cracks.  This droned on for several hours.

I did get to run over to the Home Depot for base board trim and some porcelain tile and thin set to do the bathroom floor.  But this we think we will hire completed.  Unlike Rick and Paulette, we are not tile mechanics and will leave the leveling of the hard tile to the pros.  I tend to keep messing with the stuff not liking the outcome, and generally making it worse and worse as I go.

Our contractor labored away on the ceiling grid work in the big room most of the day, making a bunch of headway.  He still has a long way to go and claims to be coming back on Monday.

On Monday, I will not be able to join him in our basement, as I have another medical procedure scheduled.  This one will take me out of the picture for several days and put the blog on hold during that time.  Perhaps as I recover, I will be able to use the laptop and do a blog or two from the Hospital.  That might be a bit optimistic on my part, but time will tell how that all comes out.

But in the meantime, the contractor is determined to continue the work, as he really doesn't need me blabbering at him all the time and slowing him down anyway.  He is entirely trustworthy and would come back and change anything we didn't like as well.

We did declare the small office/bedroom complete tonight since we cut and installed the base board trim today as well.  At some point we will have to fill and enamel the wood trim white, but that will be down the road in the future.

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck with your medical deal. we are all hoping for a complete cure. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna,,,

  2. My thoughts & prayers are with you for an easy & speedy recovery from your medical procedure.

  3. Prayers for your procedure and that you're back to blogging really soon. When do we get a picture of all the hard work?

  4. Best wishes for your medical procedure and hope you are back home soon - you still have lots of work to supervise!!!

    That grouting is one painful and messy job. We spent all day yesterday on ours but thankfully it's done. That dry haze seems to want to stay on forever though.


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