Friday, September 9, 2011

Hanging ceiling, and I work on the floor tile

The contractor arrived late in the morning, after his wife came back from her meetings.  Seems that he is responsible for the kids when she works, and then he gets away once she comes back.  But that leaves us hanging..........

Well this isn't a race, so we will just put up with it until he finishes things.  He is working on installing the hanging ceiling, and they put up all of the perimeter metal this afternoon.  That was until about 3:30, when he suddenly announced that he had to leave because his son had a football game..........

Loyce selected this fellow, so I take no responsibility here....  Maybe he will work longer tomorrow.

I puttzed around on the tiling job this morning cutting individual small tiles to go around the outside of the floor.  That takes forever, as it takes longer to put each one down because you have to custom cut it.  Then it is small and doesn't cover much of the floor.   But finally I put the last piece in place.

Then, when I opened the bucket of grout, it was sandy tan.........  Uh, the tile is gray.  I bought the wrong color!  Luckily I found the receipt in the pile of slips on the floor of the pickup and back I went to Home Depot.

The lady at the returns counter looked at me over her glasses and said "You didn't use any of it did you???"  I had already told her it was the wrong color, geesh!

So I spent the rest of the afternoon on the floor on my knees grouting the cracks between tiles.  Seems like you spend more time washing the stuff off than anything else.  My back just screamed after about 3 hours.  Help, I've fallen and can't get up....  Finally I washed up the tools and went upstairs.  I only got about 40 percent of it grouted.

Tonight Ben and I went out on the motor cycles for about an hour or so after dark.  It was rather cool, as the bike reported 65 when we were out in the country.  But it was fun.  Need to remember that sweatshirt for these fall days.....

Retired Rod


  1. It's actually nice to see a man taking responsibility and interest in his kids and to have a job to be able to do it even if it does cause some inconvenience.

  2. We are just heading out in about an hour to begin grouting our tiles. I'm not looking forward to it one bit as I hate the job of wiping up all that stuff.

    Paulette bought a 25lb. bag of grout yesterday. Maybe I'll get lucky and fine she bought the wrong color so we can put this job off even for a few hours!

  3. My back wouldn't have lasted 3 hours. I think you're doing a great job and really deserved the bike ride. We haven't reached the point of needing a sweatshirt yet unless we're out in the middle of the night. Maybe next week.


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