Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winterizing in early fall.

I'm hopeful that it won't be needed, but one day a couple of weeks ago, I went over to the storage lot and winterized the motorhome water system.  We do get surprise cold snaps here in Kansas, when we least expect it.

Knowing that crawling around under the motorhome with a great big new zipper in my front side wouldn't be a big plus, I took over 3 gallons of the pink antifreeze and set it all up to suck it inside the pipes.   We have a hose that goes directly on the water pump where the line from the storage tank usually resides.

I had opened that tank when we left the campground out in Pamona the last time.  And when we parked over in the storage lot, I had pulled the plug out of the water heater and let it drain.

So it was mostly a formality to hook up the hose and suck all the pink stuff into the water lines and put some down each drain.  I even made sure of the outside shower faucet and the foot pedal on the toilet.

And I disassembled the pesky ice maker valve that is on the back side of the fridge.  You might remember that it froze and broke last fall before we got out of KC.  I had to order a new valve and install it down in Mesa, before we got cubes again.

I was quite surprised at the amount of water that came from those lines when I took it all apart this time.  No wonder it all froze up and broke last November here in KC.  We didn't leave until the weekend of Thanksgiving, and it had frozen a number of nights by then.  In fact it was below freezing when we were traveling every night as well.

But when you are laid up and can't do much, daemons pop into your mind and you wonder if you got it all and if your good to go on the freezing thing.  But at least that antifreeze is in there somewhere, and we know that those pipes will be alright.  And remember, that great tool in the tool box called the pen and checkbook.  If it is broken, someone will be overjoyed to fix it!

This weekend has been football on TV and sleep in front of the computer screen.  Oh, and putting ointment on that big black and blue spot the lady made that didn't get any blood out of me!

Retired Rod


  1. We had them winterize the motorhome we left on consignment. Figure that most people will wait until they say tonight it will be below freezing and then everybody will want it done at the same time. But we just pulled out that ole checkbook and pen.

  2. Glad to hear your still resting and taking it easy watching some football on TV. It's a nice feeling to know that pink stuff is in the rig just in case of a cold snap.


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