Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coming Clean

Ok, what has really taken place since arriving in Arizona...?    Long long term readers of this blog will remember that back in the spring of 2009, Loyce and I were out on a drive to Gila Bend and had a bad day...

We ended up rolling over a Toyota Corolla when a roll of  reinforcement wire came off of the back of a truck we were following....  We were banged up but survived.... At that time we purchased a Toyota Camry mostly with the insurance settlement...  Car Accident  Pictures

Last winter, that car still served us well but became 4 plus years old...  We had used it as a chase vehicle on countless RV trips... and it has been all over the country...   In short, it was getting long in the tooth and needed traded...

With too much windshield time on the trip out here, I made the decision that it should go now while it was still desirable enough to bring a decent trade...  So, during much of last week I was attempting to trade off that car...

Going to dealerships, getting bids and arguing for a better deal..  Using the last bid to get a better one.

And while I know that Loyce would not approve, I decided to replace it with a Jeep...  A traditional Jeep, not a new trendy SUV kind of a Jeep..

On October 31, and Halloween there were Sales for end of the month numbers and I managed to make it all work...  So, meet the new Arizona Car....

My friend Roger arrived just as I was taking delivery of the vehicle and closing the money application part of the deal..  He had to stop off at another friends house while I got things all settled...  That night, I couldn't even find the electric window switches or the mirror adjuster knob in the dark..

So now you understand why we were out driving up and down Fish Creek Canyon...  Just had to try out the new toy...  Roger asked if I was really going to take a two day old new car on this overwhelmingly dusty gravel road....???  Why heck yes!!  Its a Jeep Thang..!

We even had the front half of the hard tops out....  Remember that new pressure washer?  And with a commercial car wash up at the local station, it was clean as new...

And before anyone says it, yes I know I have toooo many vehicles...  It is my intent to make this Jeep the new Toad!  That will require selling Loyce's CRV, which has a base plate and the additional tail light bulbs installed....

Getting rid of her things is hard for me right now, but leaving a perfectly good Honda in the garage for ever because it is sentimental doesn't seem prudent either..  Do you need a 2011 Toad?

Retired Rod


  1. Like the new Jeep Rod, it will be perfect for your new adventures!

  2. Love the looks of the new Jeep! Wish we could have the CRV but we just spent way too much on this Mobile Suites!! Take care of yourself....you are always in our thoughts...HUGS!

  3. The new Jeep is gorgeous! You are very wise in your reasoning about the CRV - and not to keep it for sentimental reasons. I hope you have many adventures in the new vehicle.

  4. I think you are on the right track with your logical thinking & a Jeep goes hand in hand with RVing out here in the wild & wonderful West. You will now be able to get out & go places that were previously not available to you with a car. Good for you & I know what you mean by it being a Jeep thang. Welcome to the Club:))

  5. Nice ride! I think Loyce would just want you to be happy.

  6. Nice ride! Looks like a fun car to drive! Maisie would approve! :)

  7. Wow , you said traditional, that's a 4dr limo jeep..last jeep I owned was a 42 Willys MB, yep old military, 4 cyl flathead, 2 bladed fan, top speed of 45mph, but it would go along way on a tank of gas. THat is real beauty,good luck with it.

  8. Man - that is a gorgeous looking Jeep. You really did give it a workout for it's first trip out.

  9. What is the price on the Honda crv?? We have a 2003 Honda CRV----Love the jeep!!!

  10. Nice jeep Rod! We will expect to see you out on the back roads of AZ this winter!


  12. Very Nice Rod. Loyce would approve for sure. She is looking down on you and smiling knowing it is making you happy!!. Things are a little up in the Air at DPS right now but I want to have you and Biscuit for lunch one day soon. We will talk next week to see when a good time for you is. Now I will just wonder if you will show up on your Bike or your New Jeep but I am thinking the Jeep would be better for Biscuit to join us.

  13. Love the jeep Rod! You are going to have some road adventures for sure!!

    Agree with the other posters...sure that Loyce would want you to be happy. :)

  14. Nice ride, Rod. A Jeep seems like the perfect vehicle for you and Biscuit to explore all the desert around you. Buying the Jeep is better, I think, than buying a new house in Tuscon! I figured you were up to something but the new Jeep fooled me.

  15. I have the 2 door, soft top version of that, even the same color, now 5 years old. No real complaints, other than mine doesn't hold a lot of cargo or have much length to the cargo space. I had Toyota trucks for 20 years and keep forgetting I don't have the truck when I go shopping. The road past Tortilla Flats was my first real 'off road' adventure, as I mentioned before one that I haven't intended to be quite as exciting as it was. The Jeep did fine. Me, not so much. :) Congrats on buying a solid, fun vehicle.

  16. Howdy Rod & Biscuit,,
    Like the looks of the NEW Italian member of the family.. Fiat made a lot of trucks during WW2 and should have a good truck for desert driving, after all of the Sahara they covered !!!
    Like 'Shadowmoss' says, they've had theirs for 5 years and have NO COMPLAINTS, except, as Al Bossence can tell you also, they don't HAUL A LOT !!!
    Good idea trading the Honda, as you sure don't need more than 4 cars ;-) We have 5, with only 2 drivers & I don't drive much !!! Joyce can't keep ALL of the batteries up !!!!
    Hope this is a HAPPY DAY !!!


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