Friday, November 15, 2013

The Jeep rattle..

From my service ticket at Jeep Chrysler.......

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Customer States that vehicle has rattle coming from drivers rear area while driving at speeds of around 45-50 mph going down rough roads...
Extra clip left from factory behind fender flare rattling..  Road test and verified rattle at 45 mph.  Noise coming from left rear area of vehicle.. Aligned left rear door for tighter fit and road test and noise still present.. Road test with assistant, and found noise coming from outside vehicle. Raised vehicle on hoist and tightened all under body bolts on left side..  Road test and noise still present..
Remove and replace left running board and noise still present..  Found noise coming from left fender..  Removed inner fender liner and noise still present.. R & R left fender flare..  Found extra clip rattling behind flare.  Removed clip and road test,   NOISE GONE!!
The service lady called mid afternoon and said she was sending the shuttle driver to get me from my home to come and pick up the Jeep...   And as promised above, the noise seems to be gone...

It only took all day, while I was here at the house without the car...  I could have ridden the motorcycle out into the country on a joy ride, but then I wouldn't have been sitting right here to be picked back up by their shuttle driver...  And since missing the driver would have put the onus back on me...

So I wouldn't take the chance of missing their drivers...  I guess I could have called a cab..

But hey, at least its fixed...  Ford has never acknowledged that I even have a rattle in the back of the Explorer... They just state that the customer complaint is un demonstrated..  I drive the car with the back seat unlatched and pulled forward so it won't rattle..

You know that a lot of this is how individual car dealerships decide to service their customers...

But today, it became my entire day.  Something us older folks don't have an unending stock of..

Retired Rod


  1. At least they stuck with it, even if it took all freakin' day. No comment on the Ford. Never been a fan.

  2. Sounds like that dealership was very thorough in their track down of the problem. Yaaaay Jeep. Now get out there & get some dirt on it:))

  3. No rattle!!! That's a good thing even though it took all day. And with the winds and dirt today if you plan on going anywhere you're going to need it.

  4. Rod,

    Honestly I think this is a dealership thing not a company thing. Since 1983 when I bought my first Ford from this dealer they have gone beyond the call to find rattles or issues I have complained about. I don't handle rattles well.. they drive me insane.

    Fast forward to my 2013 Taurus Limited, the most expensive car I have ever owned at $44,000 and there are two inconsistent rattles that only happened when it's about 40 to 50f outside. I dropped the car off, the tech put 30 miles on it, determined HE couldn't hear it and called me to tell me there is no rattle. 0_o

    I called and found out the service manager of 30 years had retired, ok, I admit the man spoiled me as a thank you for buying from them for so long, they now have a "new" service manager who determined that my car has no rattles and that he knows best so I should just take the car home and enjoy how quiet it is.

    I took him aside, it takes a lot for me to get to that point but the man was arrogant, if this is his attitude that I should just be quiet and listen he and I are not going to fare very well and my business will go elsewhere. I schooled him in the finer aspects of customer satisfaction and the fact I had been buying my cars from there for almost as long than he has been alive. If I say there is a rattle I'm not saying it to hear myself talk or because I love having the interior ripped apart, I'm saying it because there is a rattle in my car and there shouldn't be.

    I also explained if a tech doesn't hear the rattle how about informing the customer so he can come in and point it out so the long drive and gas can be saved instead of wasting my time brining it back again.

    So, in my mind it's the dealer, some want you to be satisfied, some only care that you bought and don't care if they ever see you again. It's looking like me and my dealer of going on 30 years might be getting a divorce if they continue on the path they are currently on.

    I'm glad you got a good one, it sounds like they really wanted to hunt it down and do right by you, that's rare these days.


  5. There's nothing worse than having a rattle in a new car. Luckily, with the Honda's we've been buying that hasn't been a problem. At least the Jeep dealer checked it out thoroughly and went the extra mile(s) to find it and fix it. That's worth having to stay home for a day as far as I'm concerned.

  6. What dealer are you using? I need to find a local Jeep dealer to do some service on mine. I bought the Jeep in Hendersonville, TN at a dealer I was not happy with. Moved to Olympia, WA and had a great dealer I used for 2 years. Stored my Jeep in Platte City, MO while I was in Honduras and my Uncle took it to the local dealer there which was great, and even fixed an issue with a broken shifter cable for $25 right before I came out here. Time for service, and I'm hesitating trying to find a dealer again.

    1. Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep... They are out by the Superstition Springs Mall on the US 60 at Power Road.. This is a smaller dealership without a lot of customer lounge facilities..In fact the whole dealership is small scrunched and undersized... But they seem to want to please more to make up for it..

  7. Thanks, maybe tomorrow I'll give them a call. The Jeep has been whining about wanting an oil change for awhile now.

  8. It is so annoying when there is something rattling in your car. You are lucky that you didn't have the problem with your Jeep that my friend did. His sensors would always keep acting up and saying that doors were open. Not only that, but his airbag sensor is messed up along with his tire pressure monitors.

    Freddy Fields @ Jacky Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram


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