Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Property tax.... What property tax?

Part of the problem of having property in a state that you are not familiar with such as Arizona, is that you don't know when things come due....  Case in point, the property tax around here...

I kept wondering when I would get a billing for that tax...  And the truth is that I must have gotten it while the post office decided that all my mail needed to be returned to its sender back in KC. During the funeral in Des Moines, I didn't get the mail box emptied... Let's face it, I wasn't doing anything rational or correctly then..

Loyce had always been more worried about the mail than I was...  And she had been sick for several days, so the box was probably jammed before she passed...  Well anyway my taxes here are delinquent...  Since November 1st..  It took me most of the morning to determine that fact using the internet and parsing the governments web sites...

Then mid day I decided to wash Biscuit... She ran and hid under the big bed...  Where I couldn't reach her..  So I crawled on hands and knees and grabbed her tail.....  A scuffle ensued...  But she went thru the shower with lots of doggy soap...

She is so soft and clean... and she hates it...  Rolling on the carpeted part of the floors..  And I had to watch her outside as she will roll in the dirt given any chance at all.. I thought of taking her picture...

Somehow this computer I am using has a broken SD card slot...  Not physically, but rather its software drivers...  I tried and tried to reload it, but have failed... So my cell phone has a bad camera, and my HP can't read the camera cards...  The Dell laptop, does read these cards, but I have tried to keep it for more special occasions..

That therefore causes me to get out the good computer in order to upload just one picture from one of the cameras....  Maybe I need to get a USB dongle that accepts SD cards... Probably get that at Wal Mart.....

Well anyway I was feeling downhearted last night after the Chiefs lost and I probably shouldn't have been going thru the cards from the funeral while that was happening on TV...  So today I decided to ride the Motorcycle over to the mailbox and then way out South to see if I could remember where Gordon and Juanita's RV park was located.....

Its out to our Southeast almost as far as roads go into the desert... paved ones anyway..  And after driving around thru several missed turns, I did in fact find the place....  And they weren't home..  It was a spur of the moment deal, so they didn't know I was coming, and it wouldn't have been fair to just stop by anyway...

But it was such a nice afternoon with the temperature reported by the bike of 81 that I was out tooling all over the place just to be out...  That was before I found that Ironwood Road was closed coming back into Apache Junction.. and had to backtrack all the way down to Combs because of an accident on Octillo...    But hey it was a nice afternoon... And the property tax is now paid.....

Retired Rod


  1. I know you must be relieved to get the property tax out of the way. Poor Biscuit!

  2. Not overly keen on a stinky dog myself, so Biscuit would be getting cleaned up one way or another. Fact of life.
    My "dog-in-law", who no longer lives here with us, *loved* to get in the tub! Had to watch that he wouldn't jump in the shower with you. No leaving the bathroom door ajar, or you'd have company. Scared the living daylights out of me the first time I let my guard down!

  3. I was just telling Emmi this morning. "you stink, time for a bath." She is not fond of baths but at least is cooperative. Glad you got the taxes paid.

  4. Rod: Something to remember: If you only pay the first installment, it must be paid by November 1st. But if you pay both installments by December 31st, there is no penalty in Arizona. It's in the small print on the back of the tax bill. I learned that a long time ago.

    Another tip: bathe Bisquit on the day you are going to change the sheets on the bed. Then after the bath, crumple the top sheet in a little mound, and let her bury herself in it all she wants. When she gets tired, change the bedding. My dog loved playing in the bed after his bath. I usually threw in a beach towel to make it even more interesting.

  5. Always too much to remember...I hate going through the mail too!

  6. Bath time for the doggies is a real adventure around our house - while one's getting a bath the other is off hiding under a desk.

    Gotta pay those taxes, Rod, or they'll come and get ya!

  7. I keep a small pocket size notebook and it has all the due dates on the first page. It is a memory jogger for me and I look at it each month, just to stay on top of things. It helps me anyway.

    Dog washing is a battle and both sides lose, they get washed and you get soaked.

  8. Misty likes her baths, I make bathing and drying her into a massaging and playtime.

    It's easier for me to leave the card in the camera, and just plug the camera cord into the camera and then into a USB slot. Maybe that would work for you?
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny,


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