Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dental office fun....

Last week Tuesday, I was eating breakfast which included a chewy plain bagel....   The plain ones contain less sugar for diabetes...  But they seem to be more rubbery from their time in the boiling bath....

And as luck would have it, a piece of one of my back molars broke away...   I fished it from my mouth and inspected the damage....  which wasn't good at all....  Its temperature sensitive and will hurt if you bite down wrong.....

So yesterday, I drove over to the dentist I use here in the valley....  Of course they wouldn't let me leave until they had the look see.....  And wanted to fix it right away that afternoon.... But another scheduled fellow came in after all....

So this afternoon I will be  back over in the chair again to have a crown made...  You probably know the drill.... (pun)  Grind off the rest of the bad tooth, and make impressions...  Then cap the tooth with a temporary crown while the real one is made...

Then go back next week once you are healed up enough and get the new one glued in place...  I dread all of this.....  But it is not to be avoided since letting it go will just bring on big tooth ache when its least expected....  Like in the middle of Christmas or something..

So I won't check back in until I get the drool that will be running down my already numb chin washed off of the front of my spattered and stained shirt....

But Biscuit will sit in my lap and look at me in wonderment, trying to figure out what's wrong with her daddy....

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck Rod! Things like that are never pleasant and the worst part is that you have to PAY for it too!

  2. I sure don't miss those dental difficulties & days of drool. Had a mouth full of problems as a kid Resolved it many, many, years ago. All the best in the chair. Think happy thoughts.........

  3. I hope that helps you stay out of the chair for long time. Get better quick.

  4. I really hate dentists but I know they are necessary. Sure glad Biscuit is taking good care of you.

  5. Sounds familiar ...... Just got a crown yesterday for a back tooth I cracked .....have no idea how that happened ..... Up until now, just cleaning and X-rays so the Dentist had his first shot at me !!!
    Claimed he'd be out of business waiting on me to need a repair !!!! Oh well, got me this time !!!!
    Good Luck, Rod !!!!

  6. We go to a dentist in Vail, AZ and they will exam, mold and install a crown in 2 hours. I've had two installed and DW had one. I know Vail isn't close to you, but are there dentists in the Phoenix area that has the same service.

    It was actually cheaper for the 2hr crown than the old way. Just a suggestion.

  7. Just had that done, yet again.. thrill by the minute, huh??

  8. I absolutely dread going to the dentist. Good luck with your new crown - the worst part of not knowing is now over at least.

    Thanks for the tip on that 'truck bed saver' hitch thingie. I have seen those before but don't have one.....hmmmm??

  9. Glad you got your tooth checked right away-and yep-that was me last Christmas-with a achy tooth-no fun-and almost ruined my Christmas! :)

  10. Glad you got your tooth checked right away-and yep-that was me last Christmas-with a achy tooth-no fun-and almost ruined my Christmas! :)


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