Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tourist stuff

Ok, lets be clear here, my friend Roger is looking at the real estate in the Tucson area....  I do NOT need another home to try and take care of....  It was bad enough with both of us doing the maintenance stuff and cleaning....

Other than that, we have been doing tourist things, driving out to Fish Creek Canyon thru Tortilla Flat.  And then again today driving out to Roosevelt Reservoir around thru Globe...  And no we did not drive the gravel between the Canyon and the Roosevelt dam... We went North out of the lake area and came back around on the road from Payson.

That was farther, but didn't require any backtracking.... We are kind of sight seeing anyway so why turn around....?

I'm not sure what else we have done, other than attending the Lutheran Church this morning here North of our home on Signal Butte...  And then needing some brunch, I surprised Roger by taking him to the Iowa Cafe up on North Higley...

This restaurant is themed with Iowa Universities sports memorabilia..    Both Iowa State and Iowa are represented with a smattering of other schools from within the state as well...  The menu is hard working farmer or farm hand all the way...

The main offering for breakfast was a 4 egg omelette.... with hash browns, sausage, toast and coffee...  I had grits and an egg over easy...  Yep, just like library paste....!

We were aware that it was time change weekend, but of course that doesn't happen here in Arizona. So it only means that changing back to central time when I go home for the Holidays will only be one hour.

Otherwise, we have no new news....

Retired Rod


  1. A four egg omelett might be good for two people, but way too much for just one.

  2. Hope my comment did not give you indigestion. I am not sure I could hold a 4 egg omelet, glad you did not try. Lazy road tripping with a friend is fun, you see things never noticed before.

  3. What did you think of that bridge across the tip of Roosevelt Lake? Before it was built, we had to cross on the top of the dam, and every once in a while, somebody would try and take a 12' wide trailer across it and get jammed. I remember when they buiilt that bridge, the traffic count across the dam was about 45 vehicles a day, and the bridge cost maybe $3 million, so it cost a rediculous figure for each car crossing. I thought a floating bridge would have been more practical.

  4. Glad to hear you're out and about showing off some of this area's beauty. We love that drive up to Globe and over to Roosevelt - but not the dirt one.

  5. Glad to know that you are getting out. Neat that there is an Iowa themed restaurant in AZ! Guess that means a few Iowans visit the area. A four-egg omelet? With my cholesterol, I feel guilty if I have 2 eggs!

  6. C'mon Rod! You passed up an omelette, hash browns, sausage, toast and coffee for Grits??

  7. Howdy Rod,
    GRITS IS GOOOOD, especially with Joyce's 'majic touch'; everything but the sink !! Can't do'em 'restaurant' style... BLAHH !!! Touring an area with a friend is GOOOD too, also... IOWA IN AZ??
    Someone musta got homesick !!!
    Hope you get lots of company out there this winter, so you can have HAPPY DAYS !!!
    Hugs OOOOOOOOO & for Biscuit OOOOOOOOO HONDA TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. When I was working nights this summer on a night off I got bored and decided to check out the road past Tortilla Flats. I left Mesa around 4am figuring that I'd hit Tortilla Flats around daylight and see what was what after that. Well, it didn't get light until I realized I was hugging the side of a huge cliff. If I hadn't had to keep my wits to keep the Jeep on the road I'd have been screaming like a little girl. I was too far into it when it got light enough to see what I'd done. I left without telling anyone, just like I'd run to the grocery. Luckily I had no issues and enjoyed the drive along the valley. Things out here aren't like back in Tennessee...


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