Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rattling down the road and ending up at Al's

I got up this morning to a sore mouth....  All of the novacane was by now long gone and all that remained was that beat up feeling in there like I had been thru a prize fight...  Biscuit licked me on the chin, like she knew exactly what was wrong with me....  How do they seem to know these things..?

The Jeep has a rattle somewhere in the back seat...  It was there the night I drove it home.... Seems worse at 45 to 50 miles an hour...  After that the vehicle makes enough more noise that you can't hear it as well...  I made an appointment for tomorrow on Tuesday...  But it seemed to have stopped...

So I started to drive around on the interstates.... Sitting home just let me think about my mouth hurting... I hadn't determined that going fast covered up the noise... Yet...!  I drove to the North side of Phoenix on the 101...  So I thought I would go on up to Wickenburg, and maybe see what Al was up to on Ghost Town Road...

It was when I was going slower on the two lane that I noticed the nasty rattle wasn't gone but rather a lot more noticeable at slower speeds....

From the time I arrived until I left, Al has numerous pictures of my every weird gesture and Biscuit playing with Phoebes....  So see his blog for today

Its farther up there than I realized, as it was after 7 PM when we finally arrived back out here in East Mesa....

I took a few pictures but the good ones were all on Al's camera...  He did take a few pictures of me and my camera, but you will notice that it still has its lens cap on it, so you already know how my shots turned out...

Retired Rod


  1. Nice of you to drive up there and pay a visit. He may not like crowds, but seems to like one or two visitors to make his day.

    A rattle can drive you buggy. Does me anyway.

  2. Yuk, a rattle in a new vehicle but then jeeps aren't known for quietness--we own one! :)

  3. Maybe it's a sign of age, but I CANNOT stand a rattle in a vehicle. I think I'd have someone else at the wheel and would be climbing around back there trying to figure it out.
    Now I'm off to see the pictures....

  4. I used to be bothered by the rattles in my FJ until I finally figured out they were in my head. :)

    Your pup sure is a cutie.

  5. Sure hope they can find that rattle. Those kinds of things just drive me crazy. Of course, I'm always afraid they are something serious. Al got some great pictures of you and Biscuit.

  6. Wonderful pictures of you and Biscuit! Love the Hawkeye tire cover on the jeep-reminds me of Dad's on his VW Bus!


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