Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Piecing the ceiling tile together

I realize that all these posts about working on our basement project are almost as exciting as me watching the paint that I just put on the wall dry, but that is again what happened today.  Only this time it was the ceiling in the small office/bedroom that held my attention.

I started with this project yesterday afternoon when I went to Home Depot and purchased the supplies.  Once home, it was lug everything down to the basement from the back of the pickup.  The metal rails for the suspended ceiling are 12 feet long so they don't go around the corners in the stair well on the way down, without some maneuvering.

The cases of the 2 by 2 foot tiles have 16 pieces in them, and are quite heavy.  Luckily I only needed two cases for the little room.  But when we go after the bigger room it will be a much different story.

Anyway, today was spent cutting and piecing together the metal frame and the many tiles.   It is quite time consuming and requires climbing the step ladder over and over.  I was just exhausted tonight at about 7 PM.  The worst of it was that I still need to cut all the perimeter tiles to size and install them.  That will be the slowest part of all.

But tomorrow is another medical day for me, as I am having yet another procedure where I have to be at the doctors office at 7:30.  Since I am not an AM kind of person, that will about kill me.  And it is totally boring and doesn't give me anything to blog about.  Oh well.....

Retired Rod


  1. Glad it's you basement and not mine. Good luck with your Doctor's visit. your friend. Sam & Donna..

  2. It's good that you can do some of the work at least!

    Good luck with your medical procedure.

  3. It may seem boring to you Rod, but for us, your readers, there is always the anticipation of another house popping off the sprayer kind of incident to keep us spellbound.

    As for all those heavy boxes I would invite the kids over for a BBQ and then conscript them to do the heavy work.

    As for the medical stuff, keep it up.

    Hoping to see you in Arizona this winter.

  4. I'm certainly hoping your medical procedure is boring and uneventful - they're the best kind!


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