Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As we arrive!

Loyce likes to clean up the motorhome at the park on our last day camping.  Since we are hooked up to all of the utilities, and the water is hot and the AC is running.  We did some getting ready to move our stuff back into the house. 

I like to flush out the tanks, and declare that drains and such are now off limits.  I did pour some of my pinesol mixed with a shot of bleach down each drain as we finalized our departure.  I find that a bunch of the stuffy smell when the RV isn't used for a while comes from the gray tank.

As the water evaporates from the traps, then that tank doesn't get treated with chemical like the black tank does, and I am usually reluctant to pour the black tank chemical into the gray tank.  But perhaps it would be fine.  So Pinesol with bleach is what I use.

We were on the road for the final trip at noon, and were only 74 miles from home.  Per George our GPS.  His brand is Geosat.  So we took Geo and made it into George.  I picked the male voice  to guide us rather than the female voice.  He doesn't sound as naggy as she does.  Loyce just shakes her head on that one.

So once we got home, it was carry it all in time.  Actually Loyce puts a lot of stuff into the back of the car at the park.  She claims it is much shorter to park the car right beside the house door and put it all inside.  Me I think she is making two trips out of everything by carrying it to the car in the campground and then carrying it a second time into the house.  We argue about such things, never solving the issue.  Of course we both know we are right!  And it is a long way from the motor home in the street, then up the drive and into the house.  The MH is too big and heavy to park in our driveway.

Tonight we are getting settled back into keeping house in the house.  So much stuff to get done.

The yard has not been mowed for 19 days, and the water grass has grown quite tall, but the rest of the yard has gone dormant.  I quick like mowed the really tall parts this afternoon, but the entire yard needs Mr John Deere tomorrow or sometime very soon.  We have an irrigation system, and it runs every other day, but it has been over 100 for the last two weeks, so the yard is only partially green.

So our excitement is just being home, and moving the MH back to storage.  It looks so forlorn over there!

Retired Rod

Oh, yes Pidge, we did have full hookups at the Core of Engineers park.  If you google the core of engineers and the state you are looking for it should come right up.  You mostly have to make reservations now days in order to stay.  I took a chance that there would be an opening on a Sunday night now that school is starting. 


  1. Good to see you had a safe trip and are home again, now to start planning for the next trip. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Thanks so much for answering my question. Glad to see you got home safe and sound.

  3. I think I'd have to go along with Loyce - moving stuff in two short trips is easier on the body than making one loooong trip.

  4. Glad to see you made it home safely. As for moving stuff out of the MH, I don't care how it's done, it's always a bit of a pain.

  5. Rod, if you go to: www.recreation.gov you will be able to look all of those parks up and make your reservation from that website...glad you two had a great vacation. We are getting ready to heat to Elkhart, IN tomorrow for the Gypsy Journal Rally and then Goshen for the Escapees Escapade...
    Mac & Lynette

  6. Glad you are home safe -- will y ou be going to Escapade?? All your friends will be there -- well most of us...would love to see you face to face


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