Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Ready to Roll Again

Today was another routine day, where we just hung out and our son Chris came over for an hour or so.  We again revisited Colorado in our minds as we talked and enjoyed pictures taken this last few weeks.

We are all getting ready to leave for Iowa tomorrow, so we have been traveling around to different stores purchasing stuff to get ready.

Tonight I went out in search of a new shirt.  I went to JC Penny and purchased one on the motor scooter.  I was so excited by the shirt, that I haven't gone out and brought it in from under the seat.  Gota go do that yet tonight and see if it comes close to fitting this rotund body.  Buying clothes for a fat guy is no fun at all.

I also ordered another pair of Teva Sandal shoes from yesterday.  They ship overnight, so I knew they would be here today sometime.  Well sometime didn't come very early, and I waited around for the truck.  Finally at about 4 PM the driver showed up.  I didn't have a tracking number, so I was just hoping that they would get here sometime.

I have been very happy with Zappos and there ability to have a new pair of shoes in my hand overnight.  And for the most part I have not sent anything back, but they stress that if you don't like what you get, just call and they will give you instructions on how to send it back.  The return shipping is on them.  How can you beat a deal like that?

I rode the motor scooter around as I have done my errands this last couple of days, and am enjoying reconnecting with it since I was gone for 19 days.  Wouldn't think you would miss ridding, but I did.

Retired Rod

Since Gipsy asked about gelling of diesel in the first comment below, I swiped this from Yahoo answers:
The question was at what temperature does diesel fuel begin to gel?
It depends on the grade of diesel fuel, the additives in the fuel, and water contamination.

When the temperature drops, wax crystals can form in the fuel, plugging the fuel filter and/or fuel line. This will prevent the engine from running.

Diesel fuel #2 should resist gelling down to about -10 deg. F (-23 deg. C), while winter blends of diesel fuel #2 and fuel #1 (kerosene) can typically handle temperatures down to -4 degrees F to -20 deg. F. But some "winter" blends may gel at higher temperatures if it contains too much #2 diesel and not enough #1 (say around 18 to 20 degrees F).

The pour point of the fuel (the point at which it starts to gel) can be lowered by additives, and by using heaters in the fuel filter, fuel tank and around the fuel line.

The truck doesn't run. If the fuel gels in the fuel line it stops the flow of fuel to the engine and the engine won't start or run.
This gel effect can happen while moving or standing still. Many big trucks have fuel heaters in them that circulate the fuel thru the heater and back into the tank. I am not aware of these heaters in our pickup trucks, but perhaps some have them.  If there is a heater, then gelling while driving would be greatly reduced.  

Again I am not an expert on these matters, but I have had diesel gel in the winter when I used to drive to North Dakota in February.  It is as though you had your keys removed from your possession.  Once I found the Power Service Products, I never gelled again.


  1. How are the prices at Zappos?

    I couldn't seem to leave a comment on your last blog, about the water separator thing. If I understand correctly, I should have something similar, including a warning light, on my Ford F-350 diesel? I need to get the user manual out and look it up, I guess. I also will be asking the mechanic next time I get service.

    I've never added anything to the fuel tank nor worried about gelling, but then I don't spend much time in frigid temps either. Just quick trips across country, but I would think you'd have to be parked for several days to have a problem. Or am I just dreaming?

  2. Looking forward to seeing the shirt and sandals! Have a safe trip to Iowa.

  3. Thanks Rod for all the info. Our old diesel truck had a plug-in on the front to heat motor in freezing temps, but when we bought our new one,(2006,350,dodge dually), it didn't have a plug-in. We were in Indiana all last winter, and temps dipped to minus degrees and we didn't have any trouble.

  4. Place my first order with Zappos today. Thanks for the information. What a great site.


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