Thursday, August 19, 2010

Decision on water/ Haircut

I have decided that I will deal with the water in the fuel situation as it arises.  When the time comes that we will travel, I will empty the water separator every day, until the tank of fuel is gone.  Trusting that it will remove the water before it gets to the engine.

Also I will add several bottles of additive to subsequent fuel fill ups.  If water continues to come from the separator, the tank will have to be drained and cleaned.  It will be what it will be!

So I did not even go near the coach today.  It is time to get ready to go to Iowa for Loyce's fathers funeral, and I look like a mop, so a hair cut was in order.  I rode the motor scooter over to the shop on the Missouri side of town.

We have a good time at the shop, so its a pleasure to go get fixed up.

I have been dealing with my Doctor's office on the phone, as they can't give any appointments for more than a month out.  Heck, I need help today folks!  Being diabetic, I can't just wait a month to fix something.

The calls went back and forth over voice mail, as you can never actually talk to anyone face to face.  Nothing got resolved!  This is standard with this practice.  And remember we are a for profit health care system.  It isn't run by the government or anything.  They have to take care of you as you are free to find a new physician.  They have so many patients that they hope you do leave them.

In between the phone calls, I rode the motorscooter over to my son Chris' house, more as a destination than needing anything.  We talked about our trips to Colorado and the stuff we had seen.  We were at many of the same places but not at the same time.

That fairly much spent the day.  But we are one day closer to leaving for Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, where the service and internment will be.

I'll keep blogging, but with family stuff, I'm sure it will be short ones.

Retired Rod


  1. You are fortunate to know about the water problem. I don't know what would happen if I put diesel into my truck that had water in it, as I know of no warning signal for that. Is Dept. of Agriculture supposed to get back with you? It would be nice to know what they found.

  2. Well, at least you got a haircut! That's something anyway.

    Please keep us posted on the plans and service for Loyce's Father, o.k.

  3. I too enjoy the time spent in a real barber shop where men can talk man talk and just relax and enjoy a haircut. I think you will be okay with daily checks on the water seperator and draining and checking it. I had a very small amounbt show up once and it never repaeated itself, maybe you'll be lucky and get rid of it all quick. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. Is this light just in motor homes or is it in trucks too? Reading family stuff allows us to know you better.

    Sorry to hear of Loyce's father's passing. You have our deepest symathy.


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