Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water in Fuel Light

The water in fuel light that I saw illuminated the other day is found on most diesel engines, including trucks, tractors, and yes motorhomes.

They tend to be persnickity devices that report water or corrosion or anything that will short the probes together.  They are usually in the water separator filter housing.  Sometimes just washing the truck, or rain will set them off.

If every now and then the separator is drained and no water is found, and you use a good fuel additive to clean the fuel, you should be OK.  I have used the Power Service additives for years, when I have owned a diesel.

In the winter below freezing when gelling is a problem they are second to none.  We have taken the MH to Arizona in the winter so we have not had any gelling problems.  They have a diesel Kleen product for general use, and I need to start using more of it.  It costs about $7 at WalMart and treats 100 gallons.

Remember, I am not a diesel mechanic!!  I was an accountant in my working career, so what the heck do I know about it?

Retired Rod


  1. Thanks Rod for answering my question. I will tell Don about the diesel Kleen.

  2. Well, Rod you know a heck of a lot more about it than me! I'd never heard of a 'water separator'!! Does Windows 7 have one of those?


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