Monday, August 2, 2010

The Second Visit to Co Springs

Several folks have suggested places to go see here in Colorado Springs.  And yes we agree that they are must see attractions.  We were here in the summer of 2008 and did many of the tourist things at that time.  We rode the cog train up Pikes Peak, and went to the Air Force Academy and Garden of the Gods to name a few.  So this time the sense of urgency isn’t with us.  As we have checked off several already from our list.

But today we were really laid back and didn’t go a place, other than Camping World in the afternoon.  I purchased a cord lock thingy to put over the Surge Protector, so it can’t grow its own legs and walk away.  They are sort of pricey, but I’m certain it would be noticed as gone when the lights and AC all went out.  It is when we are away, that the lock would deter this occurrence.

Surge Protector


The Camping World is down by the KOA in South Colorado Springs where we camped two years ago.  The town is Florence.  It was right along the I 25 highway and just South of the airport, and to top that off the Army had exercises with live howitzers one night.  But still it is a nice place, just somewhat noisy.

The grandkids were in and out of our rig about a million times this morning until their parents gathered them all up and went to a cave that is back South of here.  We stayed with the baby as she was napping in her rig right after she had lunch.  Since we are almost next door, we used the baby monitor, and didn’t do anything except stay right here.  She slept the whole time!

Up on Blocks


Tonight we grilled some small steaks out on the picnic table, and that made for a nice dinner.  Our 5 year old was in here cutting up construction paper and gluing it into designs for our fridge. Can’t have enough fridge art!

Our door tree


The older bandits are over watching a movie in Ben and Danielle’s TT as I type these thoughts.  Ah some peace!

Over at Ben’s Travel Trailer Tonight


You never get everyone together all at once but from the left, Chris, Ben, Caden and Danielle. Discussing what’s for supper!

I hope to go drive thru the Garden of the Gods, if we can get the sun to come out long enough for a picture or two.  So that is a project for tomorrow.

Retired Rod


  1. Ah, the Garden of the God's. We did an unlead horseback ride through there many years agp when Donna & I were quite a bit younger, she still laugh's when she thinks's about the ride, seems you had to ride about two blocks from the trail back to the stable on a public street, of course the horse's know the way better than we do. As I was riding back a garbage truck decided to squish it's load as I was passing and spooked my horse and off he went full speed to the safety of the barn.I was bouncing around trying to get control and remained aboard, but Donna still chuckles about it.Hope you guys are enjoyimg the great company and neat sights. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Well we can't beat Sam's horse ride through the Garden of the Gods but we did visit there many years ago. We were there with Mike's mom and dad before (long before) we ever owned an RV.
    With that said...I really like the horse ride idea!!

    You all have fun!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. I'd love to see a picture of you on a runaway horse, Rod! I see what you mean about the blocks under your front wheels.

    Have a nice drive through the Garden of the Gods!


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