Sunday, August 29, 2010

What day is it?

I'm confused, what day is it?  Saturday, I think.  It was Thursday when I went over to the Doctors office, and then came back home to try and write the technical blog about the diesel stuff.  That gets rather time consuming to research and make sure you are not telling stories out of school.
Then on Friday, I decided that it was time to take up that project that I had been putting off.  It was to be our last cooler day, before we got back to normal temperatures, so I drove the pickup over and brought the motorhome back to the house.  The wash job was about to begin.

Just stringing out 150 foot of garden hose from  the back hydrant seems like a bunch of work.  But then the washer needs a power cord from the garage, and a 5 gallon bucket of wash soap needs made up.  And all that before you can actually start washing.

I use a big truck brush that my dealer in Des Moines included with the purchase of the coach.  Its a good thing, but heavy and makes me arm weary.  I washed until I became hot, and then came inside for a little breather.   I scrubbed and sprayed.

Once the curb side was complete, I turned the coach around so the other side was now the curb side.  That keeps me from being out in the street.  Neighbors struggle to get by as it is without me and my wash equipment out in the middle.

You are covenanted against parking anything in the street here for even a few minutes, let alone a 38 foot motorhome for most of the day.  Just a matter of time before I get busted again.

By 4 PM, I was done except for the UV treatment that goes on the diamond shield film on the front.  Remember that takes the place of a bra or any other device to reduce rock chips and bug chips.  Ya the bugs were knocking paint off.

I drove back over to the storage place and parked up against the big garages in the shade for the space age UV treatment.  That has to be done without sunshine, so it is impossible to complete here.

After that job, I was really tired, but did manage an hour bike ride as the sun was going down.

Now today, Saturday, I was out in the morning, before the heat began to arrive.  The yard really doesn't need mowed except where there is shade.  And it is beyond needing mowed in those spots.  And this was the day for mowing.  Mowing the crab grass that isn't dormant.

I think a lot of the yard here is wrecked for this year.  Lets hope that the roots remain and it will come back next spring.  The several weeks of 100 degree plus weather has really done the yards a disservice this year.

We became baby sitters for the late afternoon today with our youngest grand daughter Abby.  Once she was down for a nap, I ducked over to son Ben's house for a quick visit, but returned before she got back up.  Loyce was here while she slept.  Grandpa is the only one that is unreliable.  LOL.

So that's all that we have done here.  We are making appointments to get medical stuff completed and trying to think of stuff to get out of the way before we head out for our trip  back to Arizona.  That is still months away, but will be here before we know it.

Retired Rod


  1. Just reading your post about washing and cleaning up the rig made me pretty tired. I think I'd have taken the easy way out myself and looked for a big old truck wash with a few willing hands ready to do the work. Good for you, though, for doing it all yourself!

  2. I'm with Rick. We hired our Grandson's wife to wash ours when we were in Indiana. She washed and waxed the rig and the truck for $100.00. Well worth it we thought.

  3. I obtained several estimates for washing my 5th wheel over the year+ that I used it - all $400 or more! I'll have to get the address & phone # of Pidge's granddaughter-in-law!


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