Thursday, August 5, 2010

Snowy Peaks RV Park

Now that I have the Picasa program fixed up and can once again work on photos, here we are at Snowy Peaks RV Park in Buena Vista, Colorado.


We got our assigned site way back at the end of this street, and around the corner to the right.


Way back in the trees next to the tent camper folks.

From the tent site, we are on a nice site.


I had to do some forward and backward jockeying to get in here, as the entrance is actually curved around that pile of rocks at the front.  Oh well, lets hope it drives out easier.

We were down into the lower 50’s over night, causing me to get up around 4 AM and start the little electric heater.  It wasn’t unbearable or anything, but I am used to the Kansas heat, and that is definitely gone here.

We had the laid back morning and finally got out and about around 10:30.  It started sunny, but that only lasted until 11 or so.  Then the storms were back and the warm of the day was over.

We drove North on Highway 24 to Leadville.  Leadville is at 10,000 feet, and we are still adjusting to that altitude.  The light headedness is not as bad as the last time we were up there, but still a problem.

We drove out to where our son Chris and his family had camped for the night on Turquoise Lake.  They were in the Molly Brown COE park and had snagged a front of the park site.  Everything out here is a boondocking site, so they were using batteries and the generator.  The park is very wooded and the lake is visible thru the trees.


This is from the dam, and is a pano of several shots.  Again it was raining off and on, so the cloud cover does not allow the blue green color of the lake to show up.

Two years ago we were in Leadville, so today was a rerun, but we enjoyed it just the same.

See our pictures from the last time Here.  This was a post about several days of tourist stuff, but the bottom shows Leadville and a shot of Turquoise Lake.

Tonight we went to a steak place here in Buena Vista that we went to last time as well.  They have moved into nicer quarters, and still have the limited menu.  One item on week days, filet mignon.  You can choose a size, but they all come with baked potato and house salad.  The place was packed!  The hostess makes sure you understand that there is only one thing on the menu before you are seated.

Tonight it is raining again, and in the lower 50’s before we head for bed.  So I will set the thermostat on the heater, so it will come on before morning.  Heat in August?

Retired Rod


  1. I could eat at a place that only had Filet's on the menu, I love em. athough I don't make as many I used to, when we had a bigger budget. There is a little country meat market that puts four nice sized filets in a family package for $19.99 Now that is a good deal in today's times.Leadville is a fun place hope you and your friends enjoy it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Good job on getting backed into that spot - it looked a little small alright. One menu item would sure make decisions about what to order a lot easier!! Nice job on the panorama shot, I'll have to try one of those sometime.


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