Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On to Buena Vista

It seems like years ago, but it was only this morning.  We were up and getting ready to depart the Garden of the Gods Campground.  The sun was out and it was trying to get warm.  But in Colorado Springs that means it is trying to get above 70 or so.

We received a kind of nasty note from the campground that we needed to be out by their checkout time of 11AM.  Or it will be $3 per hour for every hour you are late.  And after three hours you will be charged for another night.  The warmer and friendlier approach to be sure.

This isn’t a problem on a travel day, but I can’t help but wonder what camper practices have brought about this stern reaction to actually post a note on your door, that essentially says “Get the Heck Out.”

So we got out of Dodge!  At about 10:30 we rolled North on 24 around Pikes Peak.  This retraced our path from yesterday until we went thru Divide.  There we continued on West, rather than turning South to Cripple Creek.

The entire drive was about 95 miles from start to finish so even going slow and stopping to fill up the diesel tank at 2.81 before climbing the mountain still had us arriving by 12:30.  Check in time was at 1, but when I went into the office here at Snowy Peaks RV, I asked Gene the owner if he was still singing on Saturday nights around the campfire.  He replied that most folks thought he never could sing at all.  But with that introduction he knew we were repeat customers.

After that as the ice breaker, we were checked right in and shown to our site.  We are in the very back end of the park on a water and electric site.  There is one more tent site after ours, but it is almost at the end of the property.

We lounged around for the rest of the day messing with the TV and satellite, as we have no trees in the way here.   And somehow reading the computer I have goofed up Picasa.

Picasa will not load when you click on the icon.  It starts and errors out three seconds later.  I have done everything I can think of to get it going.  Even completely removing the program and downloading another copy and reinstalling.  Life without Picasa is not going to be good, so I will have to keep at it or call on an expert for help. Are you and expert?

Retired Rod


  1. Sure doesn't leave a warm feeling about wanting to return to a campground when you get a note telling you to get out!!

    As for Picasa, when you uninstalled it, did you say "yes" to removing the database? If the database is corrupted, you'll have to do this for Picasa to work properly.

    You probably know this already, but removing the database won't affect any of your photos, just the Picasa index file of where they are located on your hard drive.

    This has worked for some folks who had a similar problem to what you are experiencing.

  2. Rick was right, the Picasa index file was corrupted. I didn't want to remove it as I was worried I might loose something. But with his reassurance that nothing would be lost, I uninstalled and reinstalled again allowing the program to reindex the pictures and all is well now!!!!!
    Rick, Your the Man!


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