Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love my mail order RX company!

I got in a big tiff with Walgreen mail service prescriptions this morning when they couldn't tell me a thing about  my prescription from ten days ago.  Walgreens has been a big disappointment since my insurance switched to them at the first of 2010.

Seems that the computers were acting up, and I needed to give them some time to get it fixed.  Well OK then, I'll call back.  I waited about a half an hour, and called again getting another customer service rep.  This time she looked up my problem and fixed it.  At least she claims it is fixed if my insurance company will authorize the change order.

It really doesn't matter that the Doctor ordered the script, only if the insurance company agrees, can I have it.  It is my main diabetes med, so I am sure glad I'm not out yet.  You don't think for a minute they will deny me?  Oh, no wonder I am in a bad frame of mind about this.

So with that behind me I set about paying bills with the bill service on line.  By then it was lunch time.  Boy days can go by fast when you are having so much fun!!!

Mid afternoon, I went out with the motor scooter to adjust my attitude.  Just drove around aimlessly.  Over in a different part of town that I never get to.  I had lunch in a different Arby's that I have never been in before.

And, since I came back, my new John Grisham book kept me occupied.  It was about 95 this afternoon, but I must be used to it as I never noticed it being too hot.  The sun was partly under the clouds, and that makes for a much more pleasant afternoon.

Retired Rod


  1. Do you mean you can ONLY get prescriptions from Walgreens? I had terrible experiences with them last year when I was working at Lassen. I had to drive one way 50 miles to Susanville, and the Rx was invariably messed up so I would have to drive back the next day. Most of the errors were the fault of the pharmacist - he actually switched the name of the prescribing doctor on one of them. I was thinking about ordering my next meds from Mexico. Wish I lived closer to the border.

  2. Walgreen's has always been a crapshoot for us to. They have one young man that is a wiz and will go out of his way to feel your needs and with great service too, then the next time you go in you will get the fat lady who all but throws the presription at you after two bungled tries and takes foreever. God help you if a call to the Doctor is needed,you might as well leave and come back in a couple of days, even when you call in the refill early, chances are you will get the recorded message, "Your presription will be delayed due to an error. We will call when ready, Don't wait without eating for the return call. But with a zillion stores in most places they are the only game in town, Tried Walmart, just as bad or worse. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Well, this is kind of interesting. Up here in "commie country", when I get a prescription, I can take it to any pharmacy I choose to have it filled - a big chain store, or my small local drugstore.

    It doesn't matter as it's all computerized so any pharmacist will look up my previous orders to check and find out anything they need to know. I've never had a problem getting a prescription filled immediately no matter which pharmacy I choose.

  4. Boy, is Rick lucky or what... It seems every time we need our meds there is some kind of mix-up, usually their fault, but they never admit it.


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