Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleeping??? In the Hotel

I'm a bit slow tonight, as the hotel last night seemed to never want to settle down.  I am a very light sleeper anyway, and the kids seem to bang the room doors at all hours.  We just never have to put up with that kind of thing in the RV.

So sleep was at a premium for most of the night.  And of course it was hard to turn off my mind with all the inputs and experiences from the funeral.  We have been married for 42 years this fall, and Loyce's dad married us.  Not too many folks are married by their father in law.

So this morning as I was finally sound asleep, Loyce woke up and got ready to go with her sisters to breakfast.  So there went any chance of more sleep.

I'm not too sure how to report the drive back to KC other than long.  It is 2 and a half hours back to Des Moines from Cedar Rapids, and then 4 hours more back down here to our house.  We live on the very South end of the City, which makes the drive even longer.

I, of course have many blog posts to read in order that I might catch up with everyone.  That has consumed the night hours since we arrived. 

My own bed will be a welcome place tonight, so perhaps I should.............ZZZZZZZZZZ

Retired  Rooo


  1. Sorry for this late post, just got back from the Lake and started catching up on blogs, You Have Donna & my condolences on the passing of Loyce's Father, He sounded like he was a great man and had a great life, how lucky you were to have him preside over your wedding, I know what you mean about the drive from Desmoines to KC, made it many times when I was driving the bus and we would take colleges up to Ames. Hope you have a good week at home, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. You'll be back up to par in no time. Remember what Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."

  3. Sleeping in any hotel or motel after having your own RV is never easy. Have a safe trip back home.

  4. Hate motels/hotels. In our working years we used them often and never found one we liked enough to go back to. Very inconsiderate people in those places. Staff was always nice, but they were being paid. I am sure your bed will be more conducive to a good nights sleep.


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