Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garden of the Gods Camp Ground

We drove the 20 miles into Colorado Springs around noon today.  The trip up 24 thru old Colorado City with the 38 foot motorhome was fairly interesting.  The tourists are doing their Saturday thing shopping and such.  The cars buzz all around you and hardly leave any room to drive down the street.

We made it to the Garden of the Gods Campground before the 1PM check in.  The place was a proverbial zoo.  Seems like everyone had at least a 40 footer.  The three axle fifth wheels are everywhere.  The fellow two doors over has motorcycles in a toy hauler from California.  They ride for Cancer, but I don’t understand how it works.

They have an F450 truck and it and the trailer are all painted flaming purple.  Its an eye catcher.  The lady of the family was driving the rig, as the guy was riding a bike.  He laughed that he couldn’t back the rig in because his wife wouldn’t let him.

We are here with both of our sons Chris and Ben and their families. That means we have all five grand kids here at once.  It was a zoo getting set up. 

I’m not sure what plans we have coming up, as everyone is going somewhere different, and suggestions are flying everywhere.  I can’t keep up.

As far as the campground goes, this site is the most un level site I have had in years.  We had to put 5 blocks under the drivers front wheel to begin to get level.  The leveling jacks had us about 6 inches off the ground in the front, and we still are not level.  We have a tree in front of the side door so that we can barely get out, and the awning is out of the question.  All of that for $43 a night!  But we have full hookups!

Tomorrow will be more of this madness, so I will report as it occurs.

Retired Rod


  1. That's part of the fun of family vacation,, remember the Griswold's, just sit back and enjoy the Grandkid's, you need a respite from the heat of Kansas anyway. Have fun, be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. I don't envy you in your zoo like conditions but I guess it is all part of the over all RVing experience & the greatest part is that it is all just temporary & in a few days you will be moving on to new adventures. Still beats having to sit at home all summer:((

  3. Only $43 a night for such luxurious accommodations - what a steal! Sounds like it's going to fun though and before you know it you'll be off to a new campground - hopefully, a level one.

  4. We drove thru that campground last summer and it did not look to appealing. We stayed there over 20 years ago and we did not notice any big improvements.

    This time around we are camped at the Air Force Academy and it sounds like it is a lot more hectic where you are.

    If you have not visited the Academy, it is definitely worth the visit.

    Have fun anyways!


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