Monday, August 16, 2010

Melvern Lake at the COE Park

We are at the tail water campground of the Melvern Lake, West of Melvern, Kansas.  This is about 65 miles Southwest of our home in Overland Park, Kansas.  We drove here from Garden City, way out West.  It was over three hundred miles of ordinary two lane roads to get here.

Kansas goes on for ever, and today it was raining cats and dogs.  As we were leaving this morning, it began to sprinkle, and I commented that we had better get on the road, as the dusty campground would turn to mud quickly.  We didn’t hang around to see that happen.

We did stop in Dodge City for a short while, driving around in the Escape while the motorhome hung out in the city parking lot on the South side of Wyatt Earp street.  We buzzed around looking at the newer part of town and the newer old part of downtown.  But then we pulled into the part they call Boot Hill.

This is the part of town that looks like it did in the 1870’s.  Of course it is fenced and costs money to go into. 


(Sorry if your screen isn’t wide enough)

They must have had a big party there last night, as there was a tent and many tables still set up.  Folks were busy folding all that up and loading it on trailers.  We needed to press on, so we didn’t pay to stroll the old town.  Perhaps another time.  As I look at this, I wonder if there were light poles and electric lights in the stores back in 1872?  Maybe not!

I headed out North to US 50 and bought some diesel.   This was in a Cenex quick stop type of station, that was not nearly big enough to get the MH into the pumps.  I waited for the longest time for a pickup and 5er to pull out.  He had to wait for patrons parked in front of the store to move so he could make the swing to the street. 

Once in by the pumps, I had to ring it up twice as they had the $74 limit on purchases.  I use two completely unrelated credit cards, so I look like a different customer.  Sometimes I have been refused on a second purchase with the same card, so now it is just routine to use the different cards.

From there it was just your typical 300 mile day on the road.  The rain came so hard that it was causing Loyce to hydroplane with the Escape.  We slowed way down and drove safely.  Once the serious rain let up, it just sprinkled for a while.

We came thru a cold area, that caused me to seek long pants and a sweatshirt.  But once we made Emporia, we must have crossed the front, as it went right back to 82. 

This is a Core of Engineers lake and dam.  The Tailwater campground is a COE facility.  So,,,,, our senior pass has us on a 50 Amp full hook up blacktop site across from the bathroom.  Trees are all around, and the little tailwater lake is right out or our windshield.  Loyce said she could stay here for a week.  I’m betting that reservation dot gov has other ideas about how long we can be here.  It cost us $9.50!

Tomorrow we will be home!  Boo, Hiss!!

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod,

    Do you have full hook-ups in this park? We would love to try them, but I like my creature comforts. Is there a site where I can go online and check these parks out?

  2. Sorry, I meant to ask if most of these parks have full hook-ups?

  3. At least you didn't get an airplane flying above that 1870's town, Rod! Have a nice trip home.


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