Monday, August 30, 2010

Off to Wal-Mart and a new book!

I have been sitting here taking it easy all day.  Well I did leave and go to Wal Mart looking for an over the counter med, that I didn't find.  So I went over into old Olathe where there is a brand new Wal_Mart, and they had it.

So as I was browsing, I picked up a book of short stories by John Grisham.  I've read almost all of his books at one time or another, but this is a new twist.  Its like he was sitting around a fire telling tidbits that have happened over the years.  Its called "Ford County."  That is supposed to be in Mississippi. It is fictional, but makes for some tall tales.

So that has kept me busy this afternoon.  It is just as well, as the temperature on the scooter dash read 97 as I was coming back thru old downtown.  We got stopped for a BN train on the main line.  Had to sit there on the bike, in the heat of the car in front of me.  Traffic on a bike is a pain.

We are in a holding pattern here as next weekend is the big Labor Day Holiday, and our family will gather in Lake Ozark for the weekend.  We generally don't do campgrounds on the big three holidays.  That's how we got the lake place in the first place, because of the nasty experiences in CGs over big holidays.

Back then we sold our RVs and got completely out of the business.  Too many people and too much of a zoo.  We were working full time and had to have a place that was reliably ours on a short notice.  Our schedules didn't allow for reservations to be made ahead much.  When we broke free, we just went!

We are both so glad that part of our lives is over.  Maybe I'll read another one of these stories!!!

Retired Rod


  1. I'm itching to get away too, but will sit tight until after Labor Day.

  2. I've read most of John Grisham's novels as well - I'll have to look and see if this short story one is an eBook release.


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